Quick Channels ❋ Extremely configurable ❋ 1.7.10-1.14 1.14

Simple channel system for friends to talk with each other in groups [1.7.10+]

  1. Fix error on quit

    An error was printing in console when players left because the plugin was trying to send them the channel leave message when they were quitting from the server. This is now fixed.
  2. prefix-sends-to-channel remove prefix

    The prefix will now be removed from global messages sent using the prefix when prefix-sends-to-channel is false.
  3. Fix and change

    Fix: The quit event sometimes crashed, this should now be fixed.
    Change: Message will now be left completely alone if the player isn't in a channel (so the prefix won't be removed from messages by people who aren't in a channel)
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  4. Bugfixes, force move players into/out of channels

    Bugs fixed
    - Fixed a problem with the leave messages causing them not to send
    - Fixed the prefix-sends-to-channel option

    New config options

    messages.forced-in: Sent to player when they are forced into a channel
    messages.forced-out: Sent to player when they are forced out of a channel
    messages.player-not-found: Sent to admin if they enter a player who isn't online.
    messages.forced-success: Sent to admin after...
  5. Many new features

    This update adds many new features!

    - prefix-sends-to-channel config option. True/false. If true, message will be sent to current channel if the message begins with the prefix. If false, put the prefix before your message to send to global while in a channel, and talk without any prefix to speak in the channel.
    - console-output config option. True/false. If true, channel messages will be sent into console for logging.
    - remove-on-quit config option....
  6. Update to 1.14

    Fixed issues causing plugin not to work in 1.13+.
  7. Formatting code permissions & link-requires-permission option

    I added 2 more things this version.
    • Formatting code permissions: You can give people the permission quickchannels.styles.<code> to allow formatting codes or quickchannels.styles.* to allow all codes.
    • link-requires-permission option in the config: Lets you stop players from sending URLs in group chats without the permission quickchannels.links
  8. Sound effects

    There are now sound effects for joining, leaving and messages!
    Simply set the sounds to be empty in the config to disable them.

    Code (YAML):

    : ""
    : ""
    : ""
    Also, I made a few of the sound effects cross-version. Here's a list:
    Code (Text):
    level_up, click, lava_pop, exp_orb, villager_yes, villager_no, note_pling, note_bass, note_snare_drum, anvil_land
    For any others, you can find sounds at these links:
    Servers below 1.9:...