Quick Enchants v1.5

Quickly get fully enchanted items with one command.

  1. BigPaully
    BigPaully || LeadFaction
    Quick Enchants:
    Allows you to get fully enchanted swords, tools, armor, and misc items with a simple command.

    /qe - opens menu
    /qe tools - shows list of tool names
    /qe armor - shows list of armor names
    /qe swords - shows list of sword names
    /qe misc - shows list of misc names
    /qe version - shows version

    Example 1: /qe diamondsword or /qe dsword
    Gives you fully enchanted Diamond Sword.
    Example 2: /qe irontools or /qe itools
    Gives you all fully enchanted Iron Tools (Hoe, Shovel, Axe, PickAxe)
    Example 3: /qe leatherarmor or /qe larmor
    Gives you all fully enchanted Leather Armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots)

    all.enchant = all commands
    quick.enchant = /qe

    wtools.enchant /qe WoodTools
    stools.enchant /qe StoneTools
    itools.enchant /qe IronTools
    gtools.enchant /qe GoldTools
    dtools.enchant /qe DiamondTools

    larmor.enchant /qe LeatherArmor
    carmor.enchant /qe ChainArmor
    iarmor.enchant /qe IronArmor
    garmor.enchant /qe GoldArmor
    darmor.enchant /qe DiamondArmor

    wsword.enchant /qe WoodSword
    ssword.enchant /qe StoneSword
    isword.enchant /qe IronSword
    gsword.enchant /qe GoldSword
    dsword.enchant /qe DiamondSword

    bow.enchant /qe Bow
    pole.enchant /qe Pole
    cpole.enchant /qe CarrotPole
    shears.enchant /qe Shears
    flint.enchant /qe Flint

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