Quickchat 2.3.1

Intelligently and simply manage your chat

  1. Eelviny
    Quickchat is a full chat management plugin, focusing on simplicity for your players but with a suitable amount of customisability for you. The difference with this plugin is that there are no slash (/) commands at all. Everything is dealt with through different symbols, as our philosophy is that chat shouldn't be dealt with the same as gameplay commands.

    Channels are dealt with similar to IRC channels. It uses the hashtag (#) symbol to control them, and it has several uses:
    • #channel - Moves the player's focus to the channel name they specified, and all chat will be sent to that channel
    • #channel hi there! - Sends a message to the channel without changing the player's current channel
    • # - Gives information on the current channel, such as which one they are in, who can hear them, etc.
    Since we don't want to completely get rid of vanilla functionality, so the player doesn't feel completely alienated, we use the <Playername> <> symbols and change their colour, depending on your channel. This way you can have a normal, main channel, but maybe also have a separate coloured channel for chatting to players close by and another for your staff members.

    Private Messages
    To message another player, the @ symbol is used, similar to various social networks such as Twitter.
    • @player - Changes the player's focus to another player, and any message sent after will only go to them. To go back to normal chat, a channel needs to be joined.
    • @player hi there! - Sends a one-off message to that player while leaving the player's current channel
    • @ hi there! - Replies to the last player who sent a message to them. If that's not available, it will fall back to sending a message to the last player the sender sent a message to.
    • @ - Gives information on who the player is talking to.
    While not completely related to private messages, if a player uses another's name in chat, they will receive a small ding noise and their name will appear italic to highlight the fact that someone is trying to get hold of them. Useful if the player is concentrating on something else or is looking at another window.

    Using the ! symbol will send a broadcast to all players online, prefixed by the name set in config. The permission for this is op by default, as it should be used by server staff only due to the fact no other player can tell who the send is.

    Hate how Bukkit doesn't include the /tellraw command? You can try our implementation, using the > symbol.
    • > &3Hello world! - Sends a message to all players online, with no prefix, coloured dark aqua.
    • >player &3Hello world! - Sends a message to a specific player, with no prefix, coloured dark aqua.
    Using the - symbol will mute a player, usage as shown:
    • -player
    Typing it again will unmute the player, acting as a toggle. All mutes are saved only for the current server session, and will be lost on restart. This is a rather simple implementation, but this plugin is designed to focus on messages, not moderation. You can simply pretend it's not there if you use a different plugin!

    All information pertaining permissions can be grabbed from the plugin.yml, located here.

    This plugin was in use by the now dead JustGame network. All code that we held is now being published open source. However, no support or updates will given. If it stops working, feel free to submit a pull request that fixes it along with a compiled version to upload.
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