QuickMeta 1.1.1

A plugin created to allow Cycling through special meta/biome textures included in resource packs.

  1. lecraeman
    Qwertyness[Head Developer]

    Many advanced resource packs(Such as the Conquest Pack)now include textures for blocks with specific metadata or in certain biomes. These textures are hard to get access to unless you have the give command, but even then they don't work on certain blocks, and often times you can't change the biome they're in. This plugin aims to make it easy to change the MetaData or Biome of a block.

    The plugin has three tools it adds to the game. They are the Biome Tool, The Meta Tool, and the Living Entity/Mob Tool. These tools are bound to the stick by default(This can be changed in the config file created upon first startup of the plugin). You can also disable this plugin in certain worlds(Available in the configuration file), and disable the tools from being used on certain blocks.


    - Highly configurable.
    - Change MetaData of Specific Blocks.
    - Change Biome of specific Column.
    - Copy and Paste block ID and MetaData to make building faster.
    - Allow users to create advanced furniture without WorldEdit.
    - Allow use of special textures in Resource Packs(Like Conquest).
    - Change Blocks with color meta(Like Wool)without having to break it.
    - Set your own custom tools in the configuration file.
    - Disable the tools in certain worlds.
    - Disable the use of the tools on certain blocks.
    - Show block ID and MetaData with Meta Tool.
    - Copying and Pasting Biomes.
    - Living Entity/Mob Cycler for Changing Mob Types.
    - Cycle through Horse Types.
    - Cycle through Villager Types.
    - Cycle through Skeleton Types.
    - Cycle through Wolf Collar Colors.
    - Supports PlotMe.
    - Supports WorldGuard.

    Be sure and leave Feature Requests in the comments! Most of the ideas come courtesy of a small build team working on an adventure map, using this tool!


    /quickmeta - Displays the plugin information.

    /quickmeta reload - Reloads the plugin config file.

    /mt - Gives the player, that executed the command, the Meta tool.

    /bt - Gives the player, that executed the command, the Biome Tool.

    /bt select [BIOME] - Execute this when holding the BiomeTool to set it to a specific biome. If you leave the [BIOME] blank it will give you a list.

    /et - Gives the player, that executed the command, the Living Entity/Mob Tool.

    /et select [MOB] - Execute this when holding the Mob Tool to set it to a specific mob. If you leave the [MOB] blank it will give you a list.


    Meta Tool Cycle: Right or Left click a block with the Meta Tool to cycle through it's meta IDs.

    Meta Tool Copy: You can Shift+Left click a block to copy it's Block ID and Meta ID. You can then Shift+Right click any other block to paste the exact block in that position.

    Biome Tool: Right click with the tool in hand to cycle through the available biomes. Then Left Click any block to change that Column(Y Axis) to that biome type. You can also hold the biome tool in hand and use the biome command(See "Commands") to set a specific biome to the tool.

    Biome Tool Copy: You can Shift+Left(or Shift+Right) click a block to copy that columns biome to the biome tool. You can then just left click(No Shift)another block like you would normally with the biome tool to set it to that biome.

    Living Entity/Mob Tool: Right Click with the tool in hand to select a mob type, and then left click a mob to change it into that type.

    Living Entity/Mob SubType Tool: Shift Left click a mob to cycle through it's meta(This includes Villagers, Horses, Wolves, Skeletons, and soon ocelots).


    Please refer to this page to see the entire permissions list.


    To see how the configuration file works please refer to this page.

    Resource Packs

    - Conquest
    - Halcyon Days
    - A'therys Ascended
    - Chivalry
    - Have a Resource Pack that can use these tools? PM Lecraeman, and send him a link!



    This plugin was created by Qwertyness for Lecraeman. Qwertyness developed this plugin(and continues to)from scratch. Lecraeman is merely the project manager and support assistant.​

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  1. Wrenn
    Version: 1.1.1
    Very nice. So helpful in so many situations.
    1. lecraeman
      Author's Response
      Thanks a ton man! I'll talk to Qwerty, but there might be a new update. He doesn't get on spigot much :(