Quicksand v1.5.7

TNTRUN with a twist! Fully automated Minigame!

  1. Firebreath15
    Quicksand is no longer maintained

    -What is it?-
    Quicksand is a unique minigame based off of the popular minigame TNTRUN (as seen on YouTube). The goal of the
    game is to run across a layer of sand and gravel, creating large gaps in the process. If a player falls through a hole, they move on to the next layer in the arena. The game continues until all the players fall through the last layer and into a pool of water. When players hit water, their game is over and they are taken out of the arena. The last player still playing is the winner!

    Using Quicksand is easy: simply build your arena (3+ layers are recommended), set the different teleport locations, add the join/leave signs, and enjoy! Quicksand allows for full customization of your arenas, from floor material to the countdown to the minimum player requirement. Download today and add a brand-new minigame that is sure to entertain your players!


    -Multiple Arenas
    -Join Signs
    -Anti-Camping System
    -Configurable Player Max & Countdown Delay
    -Customizable Arena Floor Material
    -Automatic Arena Regenerator
    ...and more!

    -Forums & Help-
    Need help doing something? Find a bug or have an idea? Want to give insight to other users? Check out Quicksand Forums!

    Click Here to see servers running Quicksand, and post yours too!

    -Commands and Permissions-
    /qs join - (quicksand.join)
    Join the game!

    /qs leave - (defaulted permission)
    Leave the game!

    /qs setlobby - (quicksand.setlobby)
    Set the lobby (the waiting room).

    /qs setspawn - (quicksand.setspawn)
    Set the arena's spawnpoint!

    /qs setend - (quicksand.setend)
    Set where everyone goes when the game is over.

    quicksand.sign - Create Join Signs!

    -Join Signs-
    If you don't want your players using /qs join to join the game, you can use Join Signs. To make a Join Sign, place a sign on a wall and follow this example:

    arena name

    To use a Join Sign from then on afterward, simply right-click the sign to join the arena lobby. There are no extra permissions required to use a Join Sign, either.

    -Setting up the game-
    First you want to build an arena. A good size arena has a few different levels, but yours can have as many as you want. Your arena floor must consist of 2 layers: a layer of tnt, and a layer of sand or gravel on top. Floor materials can also be configured in Quicksand's config.yml! Make two or three more layers under the first one until you think your players will be satisfied with what you've made. When your arena is complete, add a layer of water under your bottom layer. When players fall in water, their game is over and they lose. After that is done, go to the top layer and run command /qs setspawn. This is where players will spawn when the game starts. To set the place where players go before the game, use command /qs setlobby. Finally, return to your minigame world spawn or hub and run the command /qs setEnd. Now you're good to go! Use a Join Sign or use the join command to play the game! After the winner is announced, the arena will regenerate itself so you can play again! Happy running!

    -Source Code-
    You can view the source code on github by using the link below. If you can find a way to make the plugin run better, be sure to give a Pull Request! Source code: Source

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Recent Reviews

  1. cowdogfriends1
    Version: v1.5.7
    its good installed fine and works fine but when you fall into the void you dont go to end point you just keep falling
  2. Nort721
    Version: v1.5.7
    Good job nice and simple plugin but can you add reward of money when the game ends and double coins to ho wins
  3. BroIamPro
    Version: v1.5.7
    i liked the plugin its great but i would be more happy if u can add custom Sign.....................
  4. MrCrashnil
    Version: v1.5.7
    Great! Although you need to add a way to do custom messages. Another cool thing you can do is to add a scoreboard with all players, dead and alive. Keep up the good work!
  5. Wolfwood
    Version: v1.5.7
    Plugin is great, but it NEED to have %peopleingame%/%maxpeople% on join signs.
  6. sketaful
    Version: v1.5.7
    The simplicity is what's make this so great! It's awesome and fun. A scoreboard would make it even better, but it's still a 5star plugin :)
  7. Mil0d
    Version: v1.5.7
    Nice plugin!
  8. blownoffbeat
    Version: v1.5.6
    A great plugin but i would love to see a betting or reward system to add more competitive edge between others
  9. BlissMCServer
    Version: v1.5.6
    Great plugin, has one issue that I've brought up in the discussion section. Very easy to use. Will rate 5 stars when/if the issue is fixed.
  10. speawtr
    Version: v1.0.9
    Can you add to permission for only vip join? I want to set the game for VIPs only