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QuickSell, the original prison shop selling plugin!

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Original Author: mrCookieSlime/TheBusyBiscuit, Shay Punter (xShay_)
    Notice: I (Shay Punter) am now actively maintaining QuickSell. This page will be updated with additional features and images (along with fixes for broken styles) You can see the original plugin page here. All original works were created by mrCookieSlime/TheBusyBiscuit.

    Having issues? Please report them here

    You require Java 11 to run this plugin, if you haven't updated to Java 11, I would strongly encourage it.


    QuickSell is a popular Shop Plugin, which is commonly used on Prison Servers.
    It allows various Possibilities for your Players to sell Items to your Server
    as well as a very lightweight Booster System which not only allows you to create
    Sell Multipliers but also XP Boosters, mcMMO Boosters, and much more!


    • Easy Shop Creation
    • Easy Shop Management with the Ingame Editor
    • Booster Creation and Management including Gem Boosters for PrisonGems or mcMMO Boosters!
    • Old-Fashioned Sell-Signs with a lightweight GUI (Sell, Estimate, Cancel)
    • Sell-All Signs and Command!
    • Citizens Integration - Setup Merchants
    • Nice Worth Overview
    • and much, much more!
    Sell (Basic)
    The Sell-Utility can be accessed by doing /sell (Can be disabled in the Config)
    or by using [Sell] Signs, this Utility opens up a GUI like this:


    • Green Stained Glass: Confirms the Transaction and sells all Items inside that GUI
    • Yellow Stained Glass: Gives you an estimated Worth of what you will be getting in return for these Items
    • Red Stained Glass: Cancels the Transaction, you will be given back all Items
      Just put all Items you want to sell into the GUI and you are done - simple as that!
    Sell-All (Basic)
    The Sell-All-Utility can be accessed by doing /sellall (Can be disabled in the Config)
    or by using [Sell All] Signs, this Utility does not open any GUIs, instead it
    scans your Inventory for any Items that could be sold to the Shop you are selling to
    and sells those Items

    Auto-Selling (Moderate)
    Note that this Feature requires PrisonUtils to be installed!
    The Auto-Selling-Utility can be toggled by doing /autosell
    This Utility basically sells or at least attempts to sell all Blocks you mine!
    You will not get a Message that this occured to prevent a spammed Chat Window.
    However every X Blocks it will give you a little Summary of all recently sold Blocks.

    Worth Info (Moderate)
    You can access this Utility by doing /prices <Shop>
    or by Left-Clicking
    or NPC-Merchants

    This Utility gives you a nice Overview of what Items can be sold to a certain Shop
    and more importantly, for how much ;)


    NPC-Merchants (Advanced)
    Note that this Feature requires Citizens to be installed!
    You can link any Citizens NPC to a Shop using
    /quicksell linknpc <Shop> <sell/sellall>
    This will make this NPC act like a Sell or a Sell-All Sign when you Right-Click him.

    Addons and Extensions


    • PrisonUtils by mrCookieSlime - Allows you to use Backpacks for SELL-ALL Signs and Command as well as the ability to sell as you mine
    • PrisonGems by mrCookieSlime - Allows you to make Gem Boosters
    • mcMMO by drtshock, t00thpick1, TfT_02 - Allows you to make mcMMO XP Boosters
    • Citizens by fullwall - Allows you to setup NPC Merchants
    • PickaxeSell by TOX1C - Allows you to sell all your Items upon Right-Clicking your Pickaxe
    • QS Permission Boosters by MrEminent42 - Allows you to give a QuickSell Booster to Players based on their Permissions (Rank)
    • QS Sell-Command Permissions by MrEminent42 - Adds a Permission to be required for /sell and /sellall

    Command Description Permission
    /sell [Shopname] Opens up the Inventory to sell Items The Command itself has no permission but Shops do! Check the Config Section
    /sellall [Shopname] Allows you to sell all your Items in your Inventory to that Shop The Command itself has no permission but Shops do! Check the Config Section
    /booster <Type/all> <Name of the Player> <Multiplier> <Duration in Minutes> Example: /booster mrCookieSlime 2 1 -> Now the whole Server has got a 2x Multiplier on every Transaction they make. You can hook it up to Buycraft in order to earn Money without violating the EULA! QuickSell.booster
    /pbooster <Type/all> <Name of the Player> <Multiplier> <Duration in Minutes> Example: /booster mrCookieSlime 2 1 -> Now ONLY mrCookieSlime has got a 2x Multiplier on every Transaction. You can hook it up to Votifier or something.! QuickSell.booster
    /boosters Lists all active Boosters No Permission required.
    /quicksell Displays a Help Message QuickSell.manage
    /quicksell reload Allows you to reload the Config QuickSell.manage
    /quicksell editor Opens up the Ingame Shop Editor QuickSell.manage
    /quicksell stopboosters [Player] Stops all global Boosters, add a Player argument to make it stop all private Boosters of the specified Player quicksell.manage
    /prices <Shopname> Allows you to see which Items can be sold in the specified Shop QuickSell.prices

    To create Signs you also need the Permission QuickSell.sign.create !



    Note: All empty lines can be replaced with a text of your Choice. Example: "$32.5/ea" / "Click to open" / ...


    This one will open up the Shop GUI as if you were doing /sell


    This one will open the specified Shop.


    This one will try to sell all your items to the specified Shop.


    This one will sell all Items of the specified Type to the specified Shop.

    If you have the config option "open-only-shop-with-permission" set to true, you can also just write Sell All on its own, no matter what is on the other lines. This will then open the highest Tier shop you have access to.



    Code (YAML):
    : true ## Specify whether the Plugin should Auto-Update
    : 3 ## Specify how many rows the Sell-GUI has
    : STAINED_GLASS_PANE-14 ## The Item which will be used if the Shop is unaccessable.
    : '&7[&eSell&7]' ## The Prefix which Sell Signs will have. Changing it to e.g. "Sell Me" requires you to make the first line "Sell Me" as well in order to create a Sell Sign.
    : '&a&oSell All' ## Same rules apply for the Sell all Signs
    : false ## Turning this on will pregenerate all Item Values in the Config
    : false ## Enabling the Menu line will add 3 nifty Buttons to the GUI: Sell, Estimate and Cancel
    : true ## You can toggle whether /sell and /sellall can be used.
    : false ## Enabling this means if you activate a 2x Booster while another 2x Booster is already active it will increase the active Booster's time instead of stacking it
    : 10 ## The Interval in Seconds when it checks whether a Booster wore off
    : ## Commands which will be executed on selling something. Supports the Variables {PLAYER} and {MONEY}
    - say {PLAYER} just sold something and got ${MONEY}
    - title {PLAYER} title {text:"+ ",color:green,bold:true,underlined:false,italic:false,strikethrough:false,obfuscated:false,extra:[{text:"${MONEY}",color:gold,bold:true,underlined:false,italic:false,strikethrough:false,obfuscated:false}]}
    : true ## Whether it should play a Sound when you sell something
    : ORB_PICKUP ## The Sound which will be played

    - Don't Mess with the stuff below, this is deprecated! Use /quicksell editor instead!

    - A ## Add all new Shops to this List, it will then generate a Section like the one below
    - '' ## Just add '' if you want to create an empty Space in the GUI to seperate your Shops
    : ## The Config Section of a Shop
    : '&aA - Shop' ## The Name of a Shop
    : CHEST ## What Item will be displayed for the Shop
    : 64 ## All Prices in this Shop will be divided by this number. (Example: If you sell 1 Cobblestone for a price of $64, you will only get $1)
      - ''
       - '&aYou can also add a little description to your Shop here' ## Color Codes supported!
    : QuickSell.shop.A ## The Permission required to use this Shop, set it to '' to make this shop no longer require a permission.
    : ## The Prices for this Shop
    : 0.0 ## 0.0 means its unsellable.
    : 10.2 ## You can specify the Amount of Money people will get per Item they sell if it has this Material
    : 3.5 ## By attaching -{META-ID} you can set a price for items with a specific Meta-ID.
         DIAMOND_SWORD-&cSoulbound Sword
    : 100.32 ## You can also specify a Display Name with support for Color Codes
    : ## Another Shop
    : '&aC is awesome' ## Just some random Settings which have been explained above
    : SPONGE
    : 1
    : []
    : ''
    : 10.0
    : ## This will import all Prices from the below listed Shops. Note here: The priority of these Prices will decrease as this List goes down
       - A ## Has a lower priority than C
       - B ## Has a lower priority than A
    Developer API

    QuickSell allows a lightweight API for Developers to be used in order to create custom Addons for QuickSell.
    QuickSell does offer a lot of Methods, however, I am only going to explain some of them right here:
    API Documentation
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