QuickShop Reremake - 1.16 Ready - Multi Currency

A shop plugin that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands.

  1. Heavy performance optimize; Sign designs; New ExtraAPI&CalendarAPI and more!

    !! B A C K U P !! - Minor Update


    There is Ghost!

    Finally, I have free time to continue...
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  2. Bug fixes and Improvements

    Bug fixes:
    • Fix display item related issue
      • Display item won't be centered/disappear when change shop item or create a double shop
      • Display item won't be showed when exceeds vanilla stack size
      • Being kicked when using virtual-display-item mode
    • Fix sign de-sync in double chest shop
    • Fix incorrect permission based command help showing
    • Fix an error when using old LWC plugin
    • Fix an error when...
  3. Another Bug Fixes

    Fix NPE when loading shops.
  4. HotFix

    Fix NPE while display item feature disabled and shop stop working issue.
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  5. Minor Update - Adventure game mode support added!

    BACKUP! This is update removed something! - Minor Update

    胡桃 - Artist by NeN
    Long time no see! There is Ghost!
    Take time out of the busy and make this update, hope you guys enjoy it :)


    1. Adventure game mode support added, The...
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  6. A security fix and more

    Fix an issue which will bypass double chest check.

    Fix an issue which will create endless message bak files and could not custom message by editing messages.json.

    Reimplement shop preview gui close logic.
    Clean up i18n loading logic.
    Add the right copyright for the code of verifying jar , thanks to @NicoNekoDev!
    Update translations from Crowdin, thanks to all translators!
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  7. fix download link

    fix download link
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  8. Hot fix

    Fix StackOverFlowError on new server.
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  9. Optimize Performance; Improve Security; Bug fixes

    We're back to use the external download link since the JAR size too big that SpigotMC disallows upload it.


    • The command helps now will show disabled commands with special color and disable reason to clearly shown why this command doesn't work.
    • Use Caffeine for cache providers and turn up maximum cache size to caching more objects.
    • Recode cache system and it now can correctly cache stuff.
    • Optimized cache system logic for better...
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  10. Fix plugin startup error

    Fixed accident code merged from the local branch that causes start error.
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