QuickShop Reremake - 1.17 Ready - Multi Currency

A shop plugin that allows players to easily sell/buy any items from a chest without any commands.

  1. Ghost_chu
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Timtower, Netherfoam, KaiNoMood, JoschuaSchneider, DoctaEnkoda, harry0198, ibmibmibm, judgetread, jho5245, Ectabro, Sotr, PyvesB, Mgazul, log4b0at, confuxeon, mart-r, deadman96385, Schneidertm, TiaraRinne, portlek, yannicklamprecht, LoneDev, ORelio, creatorfromhell, Chris6ix
    Languages Supported:
    Chinese Simplified(zh-CN), Chinese Traditional(zh-TW), Finnish(fi-FI), French(fr-FR), German(de-DE), Japanese(ja-JP), Korean(ko-KR), Spanish(es-ES), Russian(ru-RU), Portuguese(pt-BR), Brazilian(pt-BR), Turkish(tr-TR), Polish(pl-PL), Italian(en-IT), Swedish(sv-SE); Translate to your language on Crowdin: https://crowdin.com/project/quickshop-reremake
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    1.13-1.14 is already end of life, you can download the last build that supports 1.13 and 1.14 versions here.
    For 1.15+ users, just use the latest version.

    What is QuickShop?
    QuickShop is a simple yet powerful shop plugin that allows you and other players to create a new shop quick and easy.

    How to create a shop
    To create a shop, place down a chest and left-click it with the amount of items you want to sell.
    For example: If I want to sell 16 diamonds will I need to hold 16 diamonds in my hand and left-click the chest with it. (Need allow-stacks: true and permission).

    You will then be prompted to type in the chat, how much you would like to sell this item for.

    Note: You may encounter issues with the chat-system if you're on a BungeeCord network that utilizes a global chat plugin like BungeeChat. In such a case will you need to use commands to create a shop!

    After you completed those steps should an item be displayed on top (Can be toggled off in the configuration) and a sign with info be placed on the side of the chest.
    A Shop may not be created if there is no space around the chest to place down a sign.

    QuickShop supports all kinds of chests including double chests and ender chests (Requires the plugin OpenInv)

    Additional Features
    QuickShop comes packed with a lot more features!
    • Most actions are handled asynchronously!
      This helps to reduce potential lag and improve the overall performance of your server.
    • Supports NBT Data, Enchantments, Item Damage, Potions, Spawn Eggs, ShulkerBox and more!
      This means you can sell items with custom model data!
    • AdminShop for unlimited buying/selling of items.
    • Blacklist for items and Bypass-System for admins.
    • Shops can sell AND buy the same items when using a double chest.
    • Item Preview both in Chat and in an Inventory.
    • i18n language support for Items, Potions and Enchantments.
    • /qs find command with i18n support.
    • Chat Control Panel to change the settings of your shop.
    • Supports all sign-types (1.14+)
    • ClearLag support (Won't get items on the chest deleted)
    • WorldGuard, Towny, PlotSquared and Factions support.
      Prevent players from creating shops on other's plots or in protected regions!
    • Multi-Currency supports!
    • Sign header color for different shops status.
    • Advanced Event Bus to allow user block protection check event transfer to a specific plugin.
    • Tax support!
    • Hide commands from help if the player had no permission.
    • Much much more! Cannot put them all in there!
    How to Install
    Before installing QuickShop, make sure that your server is at least running version 1.13 as older versions aren't supported.

    A legacy-version for 1.12 and older may be found here (Thanks to Timtower, Netherfoam and KaiNoMood)!
    1. Download the latest version.
    2. Stop your Server
    3. Upload the jar into the plugins folder.
    4. Make sure you have Vault and a compatible Economy plugin installed.
    5. Start the server.
    6. You're Done!

    Here are some videos about QuickShop

    New Videos about QuickShop are always welcome!

    Here are also some screenshots!






    How to buy/sell Items
    To buy or sell an Item from/to a Shop will you need to left-click the sign.
    You will then be prompted to write the amount you want to buy/sell in chat.

    Whether a shop sells or buys items depends on the displayed info on the sign.

    More Advanced Features
    QuickShop has more advanced features like adding staff-members to your shop.
    Staff members are able to open your chests, set the buy/sell price and toggle between buying and selling, but they never will be able to delete your shop or get money from the sales.

    To add a player as Staff to your shop, look at your shop and run /qs staff add <player>
    To remove them, run /qs staff remove <player>
    You can also use /qs staff clear to remove all Staff-members from your shop.

    Commands and Permissions

    • /qs unlimited
      Makes your Shop buy/sell Items in unlimited quantity.
    • /qs setowner <player>
      Change the Shop Owner.
    • /qs buy
      Change the shop to buying items.
    • /qs sell
      Change the shop to selling items.
    • /qs price <price>
      Change the buy/sell price of the item.
    • /qs clean
      Removes any loaded shop that doesn't have any items in stock.
    • /qs find <item>
      Find the nearest shop that sells items which start with the provided text. E.g. /qs find dia will find the nearest shop that buys/sells diamonds.
    • /qs fetchmessage
      Fetch shop message manually from the database.
    • /qs info
      Show QuickShop information.
    • /qs debug
      Enable/Disable Debug Mode.
    • /qs create <price> [item]
      Command to create the shop with item in hand or specified.
    • /qs currency <currency name>
      Command to specified the currency the shop using.
      The Economy plugin must support the Multi Currency feature and supported by QuickShop. We support GemsEconomy and TNE now.
    • /qs supercreate
      Create a shop while bypassing any protection Checks.
    • /qs paste
      Collects useful information and pastes it on Pastebin.
    • /qs staff
      Manage staff in your shop.
      • /qs staff add <player>
        Add a player as staff to your shop.
      • /qs staff del <player>
        Remove a player as staff from your shop.
      • /qs staff clear
        Remove all staff-members from your shop.
      • /qs staff list
        Show all current staff-members of your shop.
    • /qs cleanghost
      Remove all broken shops.
    • /qs export
      Export all shop data to a TXT file.
      This command is CONSOLE ONLY!
    • /qs recovery
      Recover all shops from a TXT file or Paste.
      This command is CONSOLE ONLY and may remove/override any existing shop on your Server! Make a backup first and try it with a clean database!
    • /qs convert [sqlite|mysql]
      Convert your database to either sqlite or mysql.
      This command is CONSOLE ONLY and first make sure to create a backup using /qs export!
    • /qs size
      Change the bulk size.
      Requires the "allow-stacks" option in the config to be enabled for the command to work.
    • /qs transfer
      Transfer ALL shops from one player to another.
    • /qs item
      Change the item of the shop.
      Requires the "allow-stacks" option in the config to be enabled for the command to work.
    • /qs removeworld
      Remove all shops in a specific world.
    • /shop
    • /qshop
    • /qsshop
    • /quickshop
    • /chestshop
    • /cshop
    Player Permissions:

    For lazy owners, you can use "quickshop.player" permission node to includes all permission that player need.

    • quickshop.use
      Required for any QuickShop Actions.
    • quickshop.create.sell
      Required to make a shop (Sell-Mode)
    • quickshop.create.buy
      Required to make a shop (Buy-Mode) or to switch from Sell to Buy-Mode.
    • quickshop.create.stacks
      Required to allow selling items in stacks.
    • quickshop.create.changeitem
      Allows a player to change a shop's item.
    • quickshop.create.changeamount
      Allows a player to change the item-amount per buy/sell.
    • quickshop.create.changeprice
      Allows a player to change the buy/sell price of their shops.
    • quickshop.create.double
      Allows a player to create a double chest shop.
    • quickshop.create.cmd
      Required to have access to the /qs create command.
      This command may bypass certain protections of not-supported protection plugins!
    • quickshop.transfer
      Required to transfer all owned shops to another player.
    • quickshop.find
      Required to use /qs find <item>
    • quickshop.fetchmessage
      Required to use /qs fetchmessage
    • quickshop.staff
      Required to use /qs staff and all its subcommands.
    • quickshop.preview
      Required to use the GUI Item Preview.
    • quickshop.currency
      Required to use the /qs currency <currency>
    Admin Permissions:
    • quickshop.unlimited
      Required to use /qs unlimited
    • quickshop.setowner
      Required to use /qs setowner
    • quickshop.other.destroy
      Allows the player to remove/destroy shops of others.
    • quickshop.other.open
      Allows the player to open chests of other shops and take/put items from/into it.
    • quickshop.other.price
      Allows the player to change the price of someone's shop.
    • quickshop.transfer.other
      Required to transfer ALL shops of someone to another player.
    • quickshop.refill
      Allows the player to refill their shops using a command, essentially making the shop having unlimited items.
    • quickshop.empty
      Allows the player to clear the shop's inventory.
    • quickshop.clean
      Allows the purging/removal of any Shops that have no items in stock.
    • quickshop.bypass.<ItemID>
      Required to sell blacklisted items (E.g. bedrock).
    • quickshop.alerts
      Required to receive notifications about possible cheating, plugin warnings and updates.
    • quickshop.info
      Required to use /qs info
    • quickshop.debug
      Required to use /qs debug
    • quickshop.paste
      Required to use /qs paste
    • quickshop.create.admin
      Required to bypass any protection-checks while creating a shop using /qs supercreate
    • quickshop.tax
      Permission to bypass the tax fee.
    • quickshop.tax.bypassunlimited
      Permission to bypass the tax fee but only in unlimited shop.
    • quickshop.cleanghost
      Permission to remove any broken shop using /qs cleanghost
    • quickshop.export
      Permission to use /qs export
      This permission is pointless since the command is console only.
    • quickshop.recovery
      Permission to use /qs recovery
      This permission is pointless since the command is console only.
    • quickshop.removeworld
      Permission to remove all shops in a world using /qs removeworld
    • quickshop.other.changeitem
      Allows the player to change the item of someone's shop.
    • quickshop.other.changeamount
      Allows the player to change the bulk-amount of someone's shop.
    Configuration File
    View the QuickShop example configuration file here.
    Trust me, It is enough to make you try to use QuickShop!

    Known Incompatible Plugins
    Some plugins may not work together with QuickShop and there is little we can do on our side to fix this.
    • Pretty much any BungeeCord Chat plugin.
      Those override the default per-server chat and it's impossible to fix this without any bungee-spigot bridge-plugins.
      You can use /qs amount <amount> to set the price instead.
    • Plugins handling BlockBreakEvents
      You can disable protection-checking and use the integration-option to check if you can create a shop.
      Note that this allows players to create shops everywhere!
    • ChatControl Pro/Red
    Help us translating QuickShop!
    You can help us to translate QuickShop into as many languages as possible!

    You can find the currently worked on translations over at Crowdin:

    Can't find your language? Join our Discord Server and let us know so that we can add it for you.



    Q: Can I create a shop that sells AND buys items?
    A: No. Each shop can only sell or buy but not both at once. You can however use a double-chest to have two shops. One buying and one selling the item.

    Q: The plugin doesn't respond when creating a shop. Is it broken?
    A: Some plugins may cancel the Shop-creation. Most commonly is this the case with protection plugins. You can disable the shop.protection-checking in the config to bypass this.

    Q: How can I create a Shop selling stacks?
    A: To create such a shop, follow these steps:
    1. Set "allow-stacks" to true in the config.yml and reload the plugin.
    2. Give the player (Yourself) the permission quickshop.create.stacks
    3. Hold the amount of items to buy/sell and create the shop as normal.
    Q: Can I create a shop that bypasses the default vanilla stack-size?
    A: Yes. Enable the custom-item-stacksize option in the config.yml and reload the plugin. Afterwards can you use /qs stack <size>

    Q: Why can I not create a shop with the Integration Option?
    A: Disable the shop.protection-checking setting in the config and reload the plugin. The plugin first checks if you can actually build at your location.

    Q: My shop was broken/denied by XXX non-protection plugin. Why?
    A: QuickShop creates a fake BlockBreakEvent to check if you can build in that area. Some plugins may interfere with this event by cancelling it.
    Disable shop.protection-checking to bypass this.

    Q: How can I migrate from sqlite to mysql (or vice-versa)?
    A: Follow those steps:
    1. Make sure to first create a backup using /qs export
    2. Setup the database you currently use with the right credentials and settings.
    3. Reload the plugin using /qs reload
    4. Use /qs convert sqlite or /qs convert mysql to convert to the new database.
    5. Once the conversion has finished, change the database-type to the new one and reload again.
    6. Enjoy!
    Q: The plugin is giving a NoDefClassFound/NoMethodFound error in the console, why?
    A: This may be caused either by odd plugins that QuickShop does (not) support, or by having a damaged/corrupted jar of QuickShop. Try to update the plugin and also test it with ONLY QuickShop installed. If the issue persist, report it to us on GitHub!

    Q: The text only shows as weird JSON.
    A: Update your cross-version plugin.

    Q: How can I change or delete some messages?
    A: Edit the messages in your message.json file. To remove a message, just change its content to an empty String ("").
    To change names of items, enchantments, etc. edit the respective i18n.yml file.

    Q: Can you add support for plugin X?
    A: Maybe. Please open an issue on our GitHub for this.

    Q: Plugin doesn't work, some errors like "java.lang.SecurityException: SHA-256(SHA-1) digest error for org/maxgamer/quickshop/QuickShop.class" or "Security risk detected" appears in console.
    A: See here

    Q: ? (Basically any other questions)
    A: Join our Discord Server to ask your questions there.

    Bug Reports
    Bugs should be reported through our Issue tracker on GitHub.
    Do not report bugs in the plugin reviews as they will be ignored!


    Here is a list of known Add-Ons for QuickShop.
    Do you have an Add-On that isn't listed here? Contact us on our Discord Server about it!

    Thanks to ApexHosting for sponsoring us!

    See the plugin in Action!
    You can see the plugin in action on powerplugins.net!


    We allow you to repost this plugin for free on other places as long as you follow these basic rules:
    • Keep a link to the original resource (This one)
    • Don't remove the author's name or claim that you made it
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    • You're not allowed to re-post, if your goal is to earn money with it
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