QuickShop Reremake - 1.18 Ready - Multi Currency

A shop plugin that allows players to easily sell/buy any items from a chest without any commands.

  1. AreaShop support update [Not promise stable]

    1. AreaShop support. *Please click Read more... to learn how turn on it.
    2. New option special-region-only to make player only can create shop in
    AreaShop region.

    1. Warning logs abuse.

    AreaShop Support:
    This feature is disable by default, you can turn on it in config.yml
    And you need AreaShop v2.5.0#271 or higher AS build.(Click me download)
    Then QS should support AreaShop.
    * If you didn't want player create the shop out of AreaShop's area, you need turn on the special-region-only in config.yml
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