QuickShop Reremake - 1.18 Ready - Multi Currency

A shop plugin that allows players to easily sell/buy any items from a chest without any commands.

  1. Bug Fixes and some new features

    Recommended update for all 5.x users


    • Fix mojang file downloading always waiting for 20 secs and i18n name not working issue in, you will need to use "/qs reset lang" to make it work again
    • Fix wrong item meta comparing when shop item is not customed with QS matcher, which causing users traded item which is special to normal item shop.
    • Fix "Container invalid" log not respect logging type
    • Fix error when checking...
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  2. Bug fixes and tips about original developer Ghost_chu

    This version contains bugs fixes, support for GriefPrevention 16.18 (In this version we only support 16.18 due the incompatible changes in their code), and updated translations (thanks for the kind translators!)
    • Fix i18n file download always hanging server after 20 secs
    • Fix root command tab-completing not working
    • Fix limit not working in snapshot
    • Fix VirtualDisplayItem not working in ProtocolLib 5.0.0 snapshot
    • Fix duplicated display...
  3. Bug Fixes and some new features

    A small update for this plugin which containing bug fixes and some new features.


    • Fix ClassCastException when using silent command in console
    • Fix missing help of always-counting in quickshop help page
    • Fix removeall command displayed in help page even don't have permission
    • Fix Preview Text displayed even don't have permission
    • Fix errors when handling large NBT item names and large NBT items
    • Fix the wrong money earned when...
  4. Enhanced Jar verify, Always counting feature, Bug fixes and Improvements!

    Say hello to 2022! There is the first release in 2022 after a month, and recommended for all users running minecraft server in 1.15.2-1.18.x, but as we always reminding, you should make a backup before each update.
    This release mainly for improving user experience and fixing bugs, also brings always-counting feature for real admin shops (admin shop but not unlimited) and enhanced jar verify logic, full change-log as follows:

    • Fix color formatting and events...
  5. Fix message coloring issue , wrong shop counting displayed and more!

    This version is containing following bug fixes, hoping no more bugs happened, also give a huge thanks to translators for updating translation:
    • Fix sign-dye-color is missing in config.yml
    • Fix broken find command
    • Fix wrong unlimited and free shop counting displayed
    • Fix "§r" is not working
    • Fix message coloring issue
    • Fix silent command throwing exception when input is invalid
    • Fix debug command not respecting local config.yml
    • Fix...
  6. Fix time counting error when purging shops since this feature was added

    Note: Please make a database backup before updating!

    We also add a backup logic when purging shops
  7. 1.18(.1) Support, Bug fixes and more!

    Note: Please make a database backup before updating!

    Hello there! Here is sandtechnology, the maintainer after Ghost_chu quited, this version is mainly focus on stability and bug fixes, also improving poor user experience in v5, additionally, we also add 1.18(.1) support and offline multi-language feature, full changes as follows:

    • Fix auto despawn watcher related issue
    • Fix ShopPurger and purge command related issue
    • Fix...
  8. No updates, Important Announcement

    English Version

    Because multiple reasons, I decided to stop developing QuickShop and supports.
    The future updates and support will be handled by the QuickShop team other people such as @sandtechnology.

    The real-life pressure and tasks make me can't breathe.
    The pressure from school, family, support, and others.
    In past years I have spent my all free time developing and supporting, and I feel more bad day by day.

    That is not the life I want and I...
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  9. Performance Improves and Bug fixes

    1. Fixed RGB color on the Sign third line incorrect
    2. Fixed Sign doesn't update for buying shop. (and won't update anything before reload)
    3. Fixed Shop Memory Caching system, it has broken over a year and nobody mentions it!
    4. Improved Caching System and it should make QuickShop run faster on a busy server.
  10. Bug fixes

    Fixed bug that cause all interaction event that related about shop container was cancelled by QuickShop.
    Fixed item previewing in incorrect position.