QuickShop v.1.13-0.9.39-beta

A shop plugin that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands.

  1. Version 1.13-0.9.39-beta

    This is a Bukkit 1.13 only compatible version. This build may not be suitable for production environment.

    Notes and known bugs:
    - The display item above the chest will not be shown
    - Potions aren't being named automatically
    - If the "shop.auto-sign" option on the config is on, the sign will be placed facing south, so I suggest turning it off and letting players place their own signs
    - Not all tools duration are being shown on the shop details
    - A lot more...

    If you're looking for the...
  2. Version 0.9.35

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  3. Version 0.9.33

    Fixed issue that caused the sign not update automatically after the shop chest gui was closed if the display-item setting was set to false.
  4. Version 0.9.32

    - Fixed shop signs not updating
    - Now shop signs are automatically updated when the shop chest interface is closed
  5. Version 0.9.31 - Now works on MC1.12-pre2

    This version fixes a critical bug that made the QuickShop version 0.9.30 not working on MC1.12-pre2.

    Developer's thoughts:
    Sadly, Spigot 1.12-pre2 team decided to remove a method (YamlConfiguration#loadConfiguration(InputStream)). This decision breaks compatibility with the majority of plugins that would work perfectly fine otherwise.
    Although I understand why this method was deprecated, I am quite disappointed they just decided to remove it.
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  6. Version 0.9.30 - MC1.12 compatibility

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  7. Version 0.9.29 - Display item fix for 1.11 and new anti-dupe protection!

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  8. Version 0.9.27

    Added Bukkit 1.11 support.
  9. Version 0.9.26

  10. Version 0.9.18 - Custom items and potions name! (Works with MC1.9.4!)