QuickSmelt 1.3

QuickSmelt Plugin drops ingots when mining ores and cooked meat when killing mobs

  1. diamante_0018
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    When you mine iron ores or gold ores with the right tools the plugin will drop the corresponding ingot and experience orbs. When killing mobs that drop raw meat, my plugin will drop the relevant cooked meat and the extra experience orbs that you would get when cooking meat (Works perfectly with looting enchantments).

    I read the Minecraft Wikipedia, and it seems that when smelting ores there's a bit of luck involved in regards to exp.
    Iron ores have a 70% chance of giving the player extra experience, while gold ores give the player a fixed amount. When cooking meat, the chance of getting extra exp is 35%.
    I might have misunderstood the wiki, and I could be wrong in regards to the extra exp mechanics. Please tell me if the mechanics are different.
    I replicated this behaviour in my plugin so that you don't lose exp.

    1.3 Plugin Update:
    This update adds the command /quicksmelt add/remove player.
    Every time the server restarts, unfortunately, the player list is emptied as it is stored in memory and not on a file (going to work on a solution very soon).
    You have a config file which stores two global variables that decided if everybody gets to use the quicksmelt for just the ore, mobs or neither of them. Then you actually have to add each player in-game using the command /quicksmelt to the temporary list to allow them to make use of the plugin's functionalities.
    If you don't like this feature I suggest that you use the 1.2 version of this plugin which only has the config file option.
    In addition to the temporary list caveat, sometimes the JVM might decide to garbage collect the list that stores the players UUID, therefore, you might have to re-add them from time to time (this might not happen if your server has a lot of ram dedicated). That's why I'm working on a solution to save the player list on a file permanently.


    --Compiled on Java 1.8--

Recent Reviews

  1. 1bad
    Version: 1.2
    Helloļ¼ I like this plugin very much and want to reprint it to a minecraft forum in China (https://www.mcbbs.net/) I hope I can get your authorization.Thanks! What's more? I want to know if I can give some players permission to use quicksmelt and others can't.
    1. diamante_0018
      Author's Response
      Yes you can, just add me as the author of the plugin.
      I've looked into a couple of possibility on how to implement a system that allows individual players to use the plugin and I think it's beyond my reach. The spigot documentation that tells you how to handle the config files is hard to understand. I might have to spend some time on it to see if I can come up with a method to save players on a file and use that file to see who has "permission" to smelt or not. I invite you to check in the coming days for an update.