QuickTransit 1.5

QuickTransit allows you to easily create an advanced teleport gui for each world!

  1. Boxwrapper
    What is QuickTransit?

    QuickTransit is a really simpel plugin, which allows you to easily create a teleport gui for each world!
    You and your users can easily click on items to teleport or execute commands and even both at the same time. Cool, isn't it?
    And the best thing: Its super easy and intuitive to customize even from in-game! And its completly openSource (GNU3)!

    How to install QuickTransit

    1. Download the QuickTransit.jar file
    2. Copy it into your server's plugins folder
    3. Reload / Restart your server
    4. That's all!
    • You may check with /transit info if plugin is working correctly
    • You can get all the possible commands via /transit help
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    The developers changelog

    • Version 1.5
    • Removed particle effects support
    • Removed command /transit slot particle
    • Fixed some performance decreasing bugs