QuickVotes - The Universal Vote Plugin 1.2

Command Votes, Weather Votes, Fun Votes, Votes For Everything + More, All Permissions-Based!

  1. Fccardiff
    Welcome to QuickVotes!

    QuickVotes is an advanced voting plugin that allows players to pose votes on your server. Allow your players to create funny votes, command votes, or both! Configure and only allow certain commands, and customize nearly every message [with fancy color code and variable support]. QuickVotes is the voting plugin you've all been waiting for!


    • Allowed commands list [command whitelist], no need to worry about people trying to OP themselves!
    • Fully permissions-based
    • Commands for starting command votes, fun votes, reloading config, yes votes, no votes, status of current vote
    • Fully customizable; create custom messages using variables and color codes
    • Display when players vote, or keep it simple and only display when the vote ends and starts

    Why use QuickVotes?

    You can look all over Spigot resources and notice that there's quite a bit of voting plugins. However, I noticed that many of them lacked features or lots of customization. I wanted a lightweight plugin that allowed the server to customize nearly every action of the plugin, while keeping it simplistic.

    What can I configure?
    Good question! Here's the complete configuration file below, for your reference. I did my best to include comments on all lines, but if you have a question, feel free to ask.
    Code (Text):

    # Default QuickVotes config

    # Strings
    voteMsgColor: "&b"
    voteCmdColor: "&4" # Hint: You can also put a slash in front of this to indicate it's a command vote.
    voteStarted: "&bA new vote was just started by %p: %v" # Where v is the vote text/command and p is the player's name
    reloadedMessage: "&6Reloaded configuration"
    tag: "&a[&bQuickVotes&a] &6"
    noPerm: "&cYou don't have permission to use this command!"
    voteFinished: "Finished vote! The result of %v was %p %r - %f:%a" # -> Where v is the vote name, p is the percentage and r is the result
    # %f is votes for, %a is votes against
    noCurrentVote: "&cNo current vote going on!"
    noVoteCurrently: "&cNo vote is currently going on!"
    voted: "You voted %v, %p" # Display message, switch v to voteType and p to playerName
    alreadyVoted: "&cYou silly! You already voted %t, %p!"
    voteStatus: "&aCurrent status of %v is %f for/%a against, or %p %r." # %f for for votes, %a for against, %v for votemessage,
    # %p for percentage, %r for result
    disallowedCommand: "You can't use command %c, %p!" # Where %p is playername and %c is command name
      enabled: true # Alerts every time a player votes, and what they voted
      message: "&a%p voted %r of %v!" # It doesn't have a tag, you can add one in if you'd like.
      succeed: "&ain favor"
      against: "&4against"
      tie: "&ba tie"
    # Various settings
      time: 5 # Time in seconds (length of a vote)
    # Permissions
      makeVote: "quickvotes.makevote"
      makeCommandVote: "quickvotes.makecommandvote"
      reload: "quickvotes.reload"
      enabledCommands: # Dependent on the start (first word) of the command.
        - weather
        - time
    # Help menu
      title: "&a=====&6[&4QuickVotes&6]&a====="
        - "&aStart a vote with /startvote [msg]"
        - "&bView vote status with /votestatus"
        - "&cStart a command vote with /startcmdvote [command] [msg]"
    Give me some good uses for QuickVotes!
    Okay! Here's a few:
    -Enabling cross-world death-match on a PvP server
    -Changing the weather in survival
    -Polling the server for a feature vote
    -Making joke votes
    -Only allowing certain commands with a vote (how about PARTY mode?) - since the console executes the vote, no user needs the permission (so as long as the command is on the whitelist, and the user can vote, it checks out!)

    ... the features are endless!

    Got a feature request? Let me know! It won't take me long to add, and if I find it cool, I'll do it!

    Need a custom plugin made? PM me! I love making 'em.

    Love the plugin and want to contribute?
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