QuickWorldSwitch 1.1

Easy to use lightweight plugin for switching between worlds

  1. Voidev
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    This plugin allows for easily switching between multiple worlds.

    To register a new world (let's call it "testworld"), simply type /qwc reg testworld. If the world does not exist, it will be created. To unregister a world (you typically don't need to do this as you can just delete it), type /qwc unreg testworld. This will NOT delete it!

    To teleport to a registered world, use /qwc testworld. This will teleport you to the location where you last left the world, or to it's spawn if it's the first time you join it, or to (0, 0), if it hasn't yet been loaded.

    When switching worlds, your location in which you left the world will be stored and later on used when you want to teleport to that world again.

    This plugin is designed to be a very lightweight alternative to Multiverse.

    /qwc reg <world> - register a world
    /qwc unreg <world> - unregister a world (typically not needed)
    /qwc <world> - teleport to a world

    qwc - access to all features of this plugin
    qwc.switchworld - use /qwc <world> and /qwc (un-)reg <world>

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