Races 2.4

Add more variety to your server with races

  1. LegendDev
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    LegendDev, HuliPvP
    Supports Minecraft versions 1.8+

    Easy Plug & Play Install!

    /changerace - reopens the menu the racechange menu (permission: race.changerace)
    /addracechanges - Gives a player a race change token which allows them to change their race once per token they have
    /setracespawn - sets a racespawn wherever you are standing
    /racespawn (race) (player) - teleports to a racespawn
    /delracespawn - deletes a selected racespawn
    /channel - switches between channels if you have them enabled
    /race - brings up a help menu

    Races allows players to chose their race to get different perks. For example the orc gets Resistance I forever. Now you might ask, how would a player chose their race? When a player first joins the server it automatically forces the player to open a menu from there they are required to select a race if they try to exit the menu it will reopen the menu for them.

    Races - adds a whole new aspect to your minecraft server by allowing your players to select and fight other races.

    RaceChanges - Adds a new way for you to make money by giving a token to a player which allows them to change their race once for token they have

    RaceSpawns - Adds a different spawning system which is done by multiple spawns which you can add to the commands you want to run when a player selects a race

    Channels - Adds a very unique channel system which can be selected and configured accordingly in the config.yml. By using the static channel system it forces the player to select one channel and they can only read messages that are sent in that channel. By using the dynamic channel it allows the player to see 2 channels at once for example if a player is a Human they can see global chat and Human chat they can easily type in the human's chat by typing /channel (msg) or switch to the human's chat by just typing /channel


    # Thank you for downloading Races!
    # Developer: HuliPvP & LegendDev
    # Version 1.3

    # Enable this if you want the tags to show up as a prefix or suffix
    enableTags: 'true'

    # Use Placeholder {RACE}
    # You can use this to put prefixes or suffixes on players
    usePlaceholder: true

    # The tag that is before the player's name if they are an orc
    orctag: '&8(&4Orc&8) &r'
    # The tag that is before the player's name if they are a human
    humantag: '&8(&eHuman&8) &r'
    # The tag that is before the player's name if they are an elf
    elftag: '&8(&aElf&8) &r'
    # The tag that is before the player's name if they are a dwarf
    dwarftag: '&8(&cDwarf&8) &r'

    # Enabling this will disable /channel entirly
    DisableChannels: false
    # This will detirmine what kind of channel it is
    # Dynamic: Player will be able to listen to Global and their race's chat at the
    # same time and easiely switch between them when they type /channel
    # Static: Players will only be able to see the channel that they are in for
    # example when a player types /channel human they join the human channel and they can only see the human channel.
    # Use 'static' or 'dynamic' to enable either one of these
    # channeltype: 'static'
    channeltype: 'dynamic'
    # You can edit the channel formats in the messages.yml

    # If this is true it will run the commands below
    docommands: 'true'

    # A list of commands that the console will run when a player selects a race
    # These will only run if 'docommands' is true
    - /spawn %player%
    - /kit starter %player%

    spawn: {}

    Messages Config:
    Prefix: '&6&lRaces &8»&e'
    noperms: '%prefix% No permission!'
    selected: '%prefix% You have select %race%'
    spawnset: '%prefix% Spawn set!'
    teleporting: '%prefix% Teleporting to %spawn%...'
    teleportingother: '%prefix% Sending %player% to %spawn%'
    invalidspawn: '%prefix% Spawn %spawn% does not exist!'
    playeroffline: '%prefix% That player is offline!'
    updatedchanges: '%prefix% Updated racechanges for %player%'
    - '%prefix% You have been given x%amount% racechanges'
    - '%prefix% You now have x%changes% racechanges!'
    invalidargs: '%prefix% Invalid args please specify a spawn to delete'
    spawndeleted: '%prefix% Spawn deleted!'
    addedracechanges: '%prefix% Updated racechanges for %player%!'
    - '%prefix% You do not have any racechanges available!'
    - '%prefix% You currently have x%changes% changes available'
    - '%prefix% You have used a racechange!'
    - '%prefix% You currently have x%changes% changes available'
    channelsdisables: '%prefix% Channels are currently disabled!'
    invalidchannel: '%prefix% This channel does not exist!'
    noaccesstochannel: '%prefix% You do not have access to this channel!'
    switchedchannels: '%prefix% You have switched to %channel% chat'
    - '%prefix% %race% chat enabled!'
    - '%prefix% Type /channel (msg) to send just one message!'
    human: '&e&l(!) &e%player% has joined the Humans!'
    elf: '&a&l(!) &a%player% has joined the Elves!'
    dwarf: '&c&l(!) &c%player% has joined the Dwarves!'
    orc: '&4&l(!) &4%player% has joined the Orcs!'
    channelstatic: '%prefix% /channel [human, orc, elf, dwarf, global]'
    channeldynamic: '%prefix% /channel (msg)'
    addracechanges: '%prefix% /addracechanges (player) (number)'
    setracespawn: '%prefix% /setracespawn (race)'
    channel: '%prefix% /channel [human, orc, elf, dwarf, global]'
    race: '%prefix% Invalid args! Type /race help'
    humanformat: '&6[&e%channel%&6] &e%player% &8» &7%msg%'
    elfformat: '&2[&a%channel%&2] &a%player% &8» &7%msg%'
    dwarfformat: '&4[&c%channel%&4] &c%player% &8» &7%msg%'
    orcformat: '&c[&4%channel%&c] &4%player% &8» &7%msg%'
    - '&6=========&eRaces&6========='
    - '&eCommands:'
    - '&6/setracespawn (race)'
    - '&6/racespawn (race) (optional: player)'
    - '&6/delracespawn (spawn)'
    - '&6/addracechanges (player) (amount)'
    - '&6/changerace'
    - '&6/channel'
    - '&eThank you for downloading races!'

    Select race menu

    0. Please use Java 8, every developer will thank you greatly.
    1. Download Races.jar
    2. Place Races.jar into your plugins folder.
    3. Turn server on.
    4. Enjoy!


    You can see this plugin in action at play.novapvp.net
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Recent Reviews

  1. XxTheRealLaxusxX
    Version: 2.4
    pretty good plugin but wish you could add races and make edit the lore and other stuff like that but it would be great if you could make it show what race you are in after your rank like [Member] elf Name
  2. CarlosQuintana
    Version: 2.4
    This version have Placeholders For PlaceholderAPI?
    1. LegendDev
  3. Mastu
    Version: 2.4
    Good plugin but how do we change the race names/description/skills? Like I do not really like the names and as I am making my own RPG server... I kinda need to change. How do I do that?
  4. juniordeejay
    Version: 2.4
    Can you add permissions so they can not change their race?

    txx for this plugin! its awesome................
    1. LegendDev
      Author's Response
      This is possible in the premium plugin, if you click on my profile and check my reasource you'll see them there
  5. Philipapffel
    Version: 2.4
    I use crazyenchantments and when i use the higher level enchants can you make it so It wont apply like the speed 1 or strength 1? Please
    1. LegendDev
      Author's Response
      Howdy! This is only possible in the premium plugin, thank you for your review.
  6. Jillo
    Version: 2.4
    Can i adjust description of races with my own language? Please ~<3 .
    1. LegendDev
      Author's Response
      Sure, that would be great!
  7. sinan557
    Version: 1.3
    Thaks soooo much i love it thanks br i love this plugin man make inventory pets pls ;D
    1. LegendDev
      Author's Response
      Hello there :) A premium plugin will soon be live, where you can create your own races!
  8. armandas465
    Version: 1.3
    great plugin, excited where it heads!
    1. LegendDev
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)
  9. Jillo
    Version: 1.1
    Update for 1.11.x pls !!!!!<3 .
    1. LegendDev
      Author's Response
      Added support for this! Sorry for the delay, will be posting more features ASAP!
  10. XcodecX
    Version: 1.1
    This sounds like a plugin that could get you widely noticed once it is fully completed. However, there are two things that I believe you should add.

    First, and in my opinion the most important, is the ability to give someone a skin once they select a race. A server owner could then make/choose a skin they want, apply it to themselves, and run a command (ex /race (racename) skin). Then having the plugin take a snapshot of the current skin the owner has.

    Second would be having chat parsers. While not very important, if a rp chat was made, it'd be nice to have a person's race displayed by their name in chat. Ex. [RP] username1 [Elf] : blah blah blah

    Anyway, I hope you consider my suggestions and have a great day!