Radiation Bunker Craft 1.0

Radiation has infiltrated your world. Will you be able to craft and survive in your very own bunker?

  1. TheBlindKarp
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Tunda, XenKen - Resources
    Enjoy this new world ridden with radiation. Explore at night and dig in the day! Be careful and be prepared! Make and survive in your own bunker!

    Features added -
    Radiation (Poison) damages and kills if above level 50, without a block above a players head, during the day.

    Radiation suits are added. Craft ozone layered iron and compressed diamonds to make the radiation suit and filters. Use the rad suit to explore the outside world during the day, without taking damage.

    An obsidian pickaxe is added to instamine out a starting area (still in dev).

    Monster Spawners and spawn eggs are now craftable for underground use.

    The Nether is always filled with radiation, so be careful.

    Do /helpmenu for help in the plugin.

    Thank you for checking out our plugin page! Check us out at our website and on twitch and yt (TheBlindKarp, theblindkarpyt) Some items are still in development.