Radio4U - A Noteblock music player 1.2

Play noteblock music in your channel!

  1. Lazo
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    • 1.13
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    Disclaimer and Notice
    This resource is currently abandoned by author.
    Ask me if you're desperate to have it working for recent versions. But I may be absent for a long period.

    This plugin is designed to support 1.13 (no legacy support)
    You need NoteBlockAPI for this resource to run.


    This plugin allows you to play noteblock music in a virtual radio channel.
    Players in the same channel will listen to the same music.
    You can also make playlists! It's easier to categorize your songs and play the playlist in your own channel.


    Install the recent version of NoteBlockAPI.
    Next, add your noteblock music file (with extension .nbs) into the following path: plugins\Radio4U\songs

    You can convert MIDI files into .nbs files by using this program.


    Inquiry & Bug Report

    Submit a ticket

    I do not take responsibility to make an immediate respond to you.

    Before you post reviews:
    Do NOT post error log or ask help in here! Submit TICKETS instead.
    Positive and helpful reviews encourage me to maintain this project. But I accept that everyone has their own opinion.
    As stated above in disclaimer, you should not expect to get immediate support from me. (Even if you leave a bad review)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Gasha
    Version: 1.2
    This plugin is so amazing and unique
    Lazo is also awesome and very friendly
    Nice job 5/5