Radio4U - A Noteblock music player 1.2

Play noteblock music in your channel!

  1. v1.2 - Renewal of UI

    New features
    • #17 You can now translate text into your language. (text.yml)
    • #5 Interactive JSON text for commands help
      (Run or find commands more easily!)
    • #18 Exception while server is booting up
    This is a...
  2. v1.1.1 - Permission support

    New features
    • Added permission nodes for:
      • Radio controls
      • Playlist management
      • Plugin reloading
      • Go to wiki and see all nodes available.
    • New text responds to players who lack of permission

    This is a pre-release, which may contain bugs.
    If you find any problem of question, head over to...
  3. v1.1 - More channels and functions

    See Github for changelog.
    Before you update this plugin, download the latest NoteBlockAPI (old one will not work)
    Please note that this version supports 1.13 and up. (Backward compatibility is not guaranteed)
  4. v1.0.1 - Improved UI, automated song registration.

    Change Log
    • Improved UI on /playlist show
    • From now on, you don't have to use /song to register new songs
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