RageMode (1.8-1.16+) (Now with Zombie Apocalypse) v1.8.8

A funny rage minigame plugin with explosive arrows (forked)

  1. Toldi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    This is a forked and improved version of RageMode. Old version: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ragemode.12690/

    The original project license agreement allows project copying, use and more.
    There is currently no license agreement for this plugin. This usually means that copying/selling or similar are not allowed. We can even operate without a license agreement, so without a contract, we can help improve it and provide more experience for many users. So anyone can help with the project.






    What is RageMode?
    RageMode is a Minigame for Minecraft where you have a bow, a knife, an axe, exploding arrows and grenade. You have to kill as many players as possible and you will be rewarded with points and, if you are good enough, with a good K/D.
    This is finally a FFO minigame for Minecraft.

    I have not invented RageMode, there was a plugin named RageMode which was discontinued (again) and now the available RageMode plugins are not as good as the original.
    I decided to upload with the best features and a lot of fixes.

    How do I set up and start?
    Follow these instructions to set up your game, lobby etc: https://github.com/montlikadani/RageMode/wiki/Configuring

    • Almost everything configurable
    • API for developers
    • bStats metrics to sends some datas
    • Supports Vault (optional), to get income from rewards
    • Supports PlaceholderAPI (optional), to register custom placeholders
    • Any number of games can be created in up to 1 world.
    • In-game & game-end reward, when a player won, it will get items, commands, messages and cash (reward configuration)
    • Configurable lobby time (Time to wait for new players before the game starts), and counting in seconds
    • Configurable game time (Time until the game ends) for each game separately or as a defaul (counting in minutes)
    • Create games with any amount of players, for example 16 is a good choice but you can do whatever you want and the game is able to start with two players or more who have joined it
    • Option to add bonuses to the players if they killed a player. (Configure)
    • Option to stop/restart the server when the game end
    • Supports Holographic Displays (optional), with this you can create holograms by typing /rm holostats add command
    • Automatic inventory and other player related tools (gamemode, fire ticks, exp, location etc..) save and reset.
    • Statistics saving function for yaml, mysql or sqlite database
      • For database setup follow this instructions.
    • Hooks into BungeeCord. When connects a player to the server and bungee is hooked then the player will automatically joined to the game
    • Zombie-Apocalypse: a game type that players can fight with only zombies
    • Command for give back the saved player inventory/settings from file, when the server was crashed by something then it will saved the player datas, so it will be get back
    • Game signs, such as join signs, the player can join through signs
      • Supports sign background changing when the game running, not running, full and waiting for players
      • Updates time in seconds, to update the game signs
      • Fully editable the sign lines
    • Multi-language supports
      • Currently supported languages found this site
    • Players can join to the already running games, because if wanted then automatically changes his game mode to spectator and this players they can watch what happens in the game.
    • Game freezes: when the game end the plugin calculates the winner player and the players will switch to spectator mode to see who wins his round.
    • Tablist, player list format, scoreboard and chat-format support
    • Fully customizable in-game items, such as custom name, slot and lore
    • Lobby shop, to buy things from GUI to allow players to add more abilities like potion effects, more grenades...
    • Option to delay re-joining to game, which prevents player teleporting issues.
    • In-game allowed-commands: a player who want to use such as /rm leave command, then the player will left the currently game, because this command is enabled in this list, all not listed commands can be bypassable with ragemode.bypass.disabledcommands permission
    • Option to download the new releases without clicking download button.
    • and more of the older...
    How to create a sign?
    1. Join to your server.
    2. Put a sign anywhere.
    3. Write on the first line: [ragemode] or [rm]
    4. Write to the second line the game name that you want to join.
    This is the result:
    Some questions about plugin
    • Why I don't have permission to run a ragemode command, but I'm operator?
    This probably not RM plugin problem, but the permission manager bug. The RM plugin only checks the permission for player if have permission and no other. Report to the permission manager plugin to not work correctly the permission checking.

    I found a bug or I want to request a feature
    If you have a problem with the plugin, report your problem in detail on this page: https://github.com/montlikadani/RageMode/issues

    And if you have any idea what to add as a new feature to the plugin, use the GitHub Issues tab again.

    Otherwise, if you want to help fix a bug/suggestion, you can help by opening a Pull Request on GitHub.

    There are limitations between this current and older ragemode plugin:
    - For example, there is no possibility that the glasses will break when an explosion occurs within a given radius.
    - No headshot sensitivity to send title messages (can't I detect the head above the body with plugin coordinates)
    - No leaderboard, toplist
    - There is no in-game store where players playing in a game and can buy effects (reworked in new versions, this has moved to lobby shop)
    - No in-game achievements to get some reward (instead we have in-game bonuses)

    New and improved things from oldest ragemode:

    - Improved items, now can be modified (name, slot)
    - New items:
    - Grenade
    - Pressure mine to explode when a monster or a player step on it​
    - Lobby shop: you can buy effects, more game items, for money and even for points
    - MySQL, SQLite, YAML database support
    - Bungeecord support
    - Player inventory save before game start
    - Spectator mode
    - New commands
    - Modifiable tablist and scoreboard
    - Bonuses (killing)
    - Zombie-Apocalypse game type

    Software requirements:
    • Spigot, Paper and all known Spigot forks
    Todo list
    - Add more bossbar messages to the game ✔ (Done)
    - Add support for SQL database ✔ (Done)
    - Add database switcher command to convert the database ✔ (Done)
    - Make the game more difficult (Maybe add mines?) ✔ (Done)
    - Add option to remove the arrows from player body (just for other versions, and for optimization) (Implemented in 1.16+ versions)
    - Add option to cancel the redstone activating blocks/items ✔ (Done)
    - Add region selection, to handle the players move around the game, to prevent random players from leaving the game arena. ✔ (Done)

    PlaceholderAPI placeholders:
    The registered placeholder found in this site: https://github.com/montlikadani/RageMode/wiki/PlaceholderAPI-placeholders

    Videos/gifs about game
    This link
    Prevent redstone activating in-game
    Axe animation
    Stepping on a pressure mine





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