RageMode (1.8-1.16+) (Now with Zombie Apocalypse) v1.8.8

A funny rage minigame plugin with explosive arrows (forked)

  1. v1.8.8

    • Fix when data from database loss after a restart
    • Now database handling running in async thread to do not slow down the server process
    • Fix exception when executing listplayers command in game
    • Added ability to auto-update ragemode config.yml file when there is a new option to be added, #6
    • Now Zombies can't move outside of the game area in Purpur software.
    • New...
  2. Hologram update

    • Improved and fixed pressuremines to work approximately
    • Fix NPE when there is no zombie spawn set
    • Reworked the holograms
      • Now it does not requires HolographicDisplays to work, instead spawns a new armor stand to append hologram texts.
      • Fixed some related issues when loading
    • Fix for lobby shop when clicked on a item and not opened that page
    • Some improvements related to registering command aliases (now it fastest)...
  3. v1.8.6

    • Optimized checking for player moves, instead of running repeated task, now we using PlayerMoveEvent
    • Fixed error when particles are not existed in 1.8 versions
    • Fix for scoreboard prefix length is 0 and throws error
    • Fixed click handling in lobby shop
    • Now world time is saving before game start in zombie apocalypse type
    • Getting nearby entities now works on 1.8.1 versions
    • Fixed when the pressure plate is not works correctly
      • ...
  4. v1.8.5 (Minor update)

    • Fixed when players can't join to game
    • Fixed error when removing area
    • Fixed some general errors on 1.8 servers
    • Added more 1.16 materials, like for wall signs
  5. New game type: Zombie Apocalypse

    This is a big release. A new game type has been added to the game: Zombie Apocalypse, with many zombies coming to players to kill them.

    Config changes:
    - config.yml

    • Fix suddenly leave when using signs to join, #10
    • Add support for 1.16 versions
    • Some fixes related to...
  6. v1.8.3

    This release includes 2 new items to the game. The first item is the flash, that used to to blind players. The second item is the pressure mine, which is used to kill players with explosion, if the player steps on it.

    Config changes:
    - items.yml

    • Added flash game item
    • Fixed issue when someone joined through bungee, when there is no game, it...
  7. Fix synch thread

    This release should fix that issue when stopping a game, it will throws IllegalStateException, due to thread issues.
  8. v1.8.1

    In this release I added option to buy things from GUI shop while the player is in lobby.

    • Added lobby shops, so players can buy things from gui shop (trails, more grenade, effects)
    • Now you can kick players even when the game is not running (from lobby)
    • Fixed when the health & food not saved when player have the max values
    • Fixed issue when the player data are not saved to YAML database
    • Fixed error when the player points are saved in...
  9. New release

    This new release should fixes that issue when the scoreboard are not works correctly in game.

    Config changes:
    - config.yml

    • Fixed that the database loaded twice
    • Some fixes related to rewards
    • Now the rejoin times can works with offline players
    • Some fixes related to interacting with signs
    • Fixed issue with items not working outside of...
  10. Update downloader! Wow

    With this new release, there are performance updates that improve the plugin's responsiveness (faster loading).

    Config changes: https://github.com/montlikadani/RageMode/commits/master/src/main/resources/config.yml

    • Reworked the game items handling to work faster.
    • Fixed server tps loss when updating the signs due to schedulers that runs on the server background. Sign updates will became if a player joins to game, game stopping or...