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Free for all gamemode for Minecraft with exploding arrows

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    Ybrin, Zimonzk
    What is RageMode?
    RageMode is a Minigame for Minecraft where you have a bow, a knife, an axe and exploding arrows. You have to kill as many Players as possible and you will be rewarded with points and, if you are good enough, with a good K/D.
    This is finally a FFO minigame for Minecraft.

    We have not invented RageMode, there was a plugin named RageMode which was discontinued and now the available RageMode plugins are not as good as the original.
    We decided to create RageMode from scratch, for our server and also for the Minecraft community.
    It was a hard way, but we finally finished the first public version for our plugin.

    This plugin was tested with version 1.8.5 and above. Maybe it works with older versions, but this is not guaranteed.

    How to setup?
    If you want to learn how to create a game, JoinSigns and add your database details or setup the permissions, just visit our Github wiki page.

    For now, there are not many things to set up inside the config.yml.
    Everything RageMode can do is available through in-game commands.

    Just one thing: If you want to setup your mySQL database to save your stats, just look to the section below.

    • Almost everything configurable
    • Configurable lobby time (Time to wait for new players before the games starts)
    • Configurable game time (Time until the game ends) for each game separately or as a default.
    • Create games with any amount of players, for example 16 is a good choice but you can do whatever you want and the game is able to start with two players or more who have joined it
    • Automatic inventory and gamemode reset. If you don't have Multiverse and Multiverse inventories, many plugins have a problem to restore your inventory, but we are flexible! You can have Multiverse, but you don't have to.
    • Statistics saving function for yaml or database (currently just mySQL)
    • Statistics returning command for every player (/rm stats <Player>)
    • HoloStats! If you have installed Holographic Displays and ProtocolLib, you can add HoloStats to your current position with /rm holo add and remove them with /rm holo remove.
    • JoinSigns: To create Join signs, you must have the permission ragemode.admin.signs. Just create a new sign, leave the first line blank, write [rm] to the second one and your game name to the third. RageMode will automatically create a nice-looking Join sign which will teleport you to the lobby if you right click it.
    • Different languages available! With the command /rm locale <code> you can switch between languages. Currently there are English (en), German (de) and French (fr) available but we are working on more. If you want to add your own language, to this plugin, copy the file "en.json" located in the "locale" folder inside our plugin config folder (plugins/RageMode/locale/en.json) and paste it to this locale folder with a new name (for example cn.json). Now open this file and edit all the lines you want to edit and save it. After a reload (/rm reload) they will be available. Please don't touch the auto-generated language files. If you are not satisfied with our translations, create a new file (for example fr2.json or en2.json) and change what you are not satisfied with.
    • Auto updater: You don't have to update this plugin on your own, it will check for an update every time you start the server and downloads the newest stable version available. If you want to turn this function off, change the auto-updater value in our config.yml to false.
    • "Space RageMode": This plugin lets you create games where the spawns are located in different worlds. For example, if you have 5 spawns inside the "RageMode_1" and 5 inside "RageMode_2", the plugin will automatically teleport your players randomly between the two worlds. This could be fun if you have more than 20 players because one small map would not be enough for them. If you change the world on your own (for example with a /hub command) you will automatically leave the RageMode game if the target location is not configured for spawns inside this RageMode game. This means you can have custom mods which teleport you back to the lobby or the hub and it will not be a problem with RageMode.
    • Change available in-game commands: Normally all commands but RageMode commands will be blocked to everyone who don't have the permission ragemode.admin.cmd but if you want your players to be able to use other commands, for example /hub you can create a section inside the config.yml which looks like this, which will allow every player to use the commands /hub, /lobby and /spawn:
    Code (Text):
        - /hub
        - /lobby
        - /spawn
    • ScoreBoard: We have a ScoreBoard for every player, which will show them their current points, their K/D and the time left until the game ends.
    • ActionBar: We use the ActionBar to show every player the current leaders for their game.
    • Title: When the game ends, every Player will see a nice looking title which shows who has won and his points and the K/D.

    Database statistics saving function:
    Currently we support mySQL for the stats to be saved. If you want to change the function from yaml to your mySQL server, change the statistics section inside your config.yml to look like that:

    Code (Text):
          type: mySQL
            url: example.com
            port: 3306
            database: ragemode_db
            username: ragemode
            password: secret
    You must of course change the values to point to your mySQL server. The user must have write permissions for the given database.

    I found a bug or I want to request a feature:
    Perfect! Just open a new issue on our Github repository and ask whatever you want us to add to the plugin or explain us where you could find a bug.
    If you are interested in developing a feature on your own and want us to add it to the plugin, read our Contributing guidelines and open a pull request on Github.

    Plugin Metrics:
    We use Hidendra's Plugin Metrics to collect data for our plugin. If you want to disable it, just set the opt-out value inside the plugin metrics config.yml to true.


    We are still updating our plugin to have more function and fixing lots of bugs. Normally, our plugin will look for updates every time you restart your server and download the latest stable version available. If you want to disable the auto-update function, set the auto-updater value to false (inside your config.yml for RageMode).

    But be aware, if you disable the auto-update function, we will neither check for updates nor download them for you. You have to download them on your own and replace the ragemode.jar inside your plugins folder.

    Old versions of the plugin are not supported in any way. We are fixing lots of bugs and if you don't want to update the plugin to the newest version, it's your own problem if you encounter any bugs.

    The newest development release will always be available here: api.kwstudios.org/plugins/KWStudios/RageMode/versions/newest
    If you want to be the first who can test new functions, you could download this and test them.
    But you must be aware, these development versions are normally very buggy and you should never use them if you don't accept many bugs.

    If you are looking for the newest stable releases, go to our Github repository

    Source Code:
    This plugin is licensed under the MIT License, you can do whatever you want with the source code ;)
    Github repository: Click here

    Support us:
    If you want to support us, join our Minecraft server (play.kwstudios.org) where you can test RageMode and other minigames, or visit our homepage http://mc.kwstudios.org/.

    If you have any questions, join our Teamspeak server and ask them. We can speak English and German. The ip is ts3.kwstudios.org

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