RailSafety 0.3f

Tired of getting bumped-backwards while riding along a rail? This will help you!

  1. stormtrooper28
    SnowStorm: Requester ; http://www.troopcraft.enjin.com My Sponsor and ServerHome
    Bug from last version fixed! This plugin will actually run!
    All this Plugin does is allow you to ride in peace without bumping into anything and going backwards while in a minecart.
    Configurable to use permissions and / or allow mobs to ride in peace.

    Leave all bugs here: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/railsafety.61238/
    My current plans:
    • Stuff is Next.
    • Ever heard of railcraft? I have some (far far future) future plans.
    • Take User Suggestions, OF COURSE!
    • Particle Effects and Sounds can always be added, if requested.

    .wip means the release was either not fully tested or that a feature was only partially added and is being worked upon.
    .final means that everything should work and any new stuff will be added in the next update

    .null means I'm basically done with this plugin because I've run out of things to do with it
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