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Rainbow Armour 1.7.3

The #1 Rainbow Armour Plugin!

  1. Fixed the console spam

    No new features I'm afraid - just bug fixes. Thanks a lot to @FatherWh0 for resurrecting me to fix the plugin (and testing it).

    =Changes in 1.7.3=
    Update to 1.16.3
    Fix console spam
    Updated the Auto-Updater
    Removed weird old dependencies
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  2. 1.7.2

    Fixes 1.14.4 compatibility issues and updates some dependancies.

    I am unsure how this build will impact older server versions.
  3. 1.7.1 - bStats

    Added bStats.
  4. 1.7.0

    Only a year late, better late than never I suppose!

    = New in 1.7.0 =
    Compiled against 1.12.1
    Added API
    Improved GUI and fixed title bug
    Added per world support via permissions (thanks @BrettplayMC)
    Other general improvements and small re writes
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    • Bug fixes

    • Minor bug fixes.

    RainbowArmour is compatible with 1.9. Please let me know if you find any issues.
  7. 1.6.9

    • Fixed ReEnable/Lock Armour bugs
  8. 1.6.8

    Fixes GUI Bugs
  9. v1.6.7

    • Improved GUI
    • Added non movable (lockable) armour (Config option for global toggle, permission node 'rainbowarmour.lock' for use on indiviual basis)
    • Changed working of reEnableArmour (Config option for global toggle, permission node 'rainbowarmour.re-enable' for individual/group basis)
    Please Note: Locked armour is temperamental when player is in creative mode.
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  10. v1.6.6

    • Added GUI (/rainbowarmour)
    • Edited %item% Translation Options
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