Rainbow Chat (Now with L33T option!) 2.1

Do you want to write fabulous in your chat? It is now possible with this configurable plugin!

  1. ChaoZ
    Rainbow Chat
    Isn't it annoying to write "&a", "&6" and all the other color codes in front of everything? With this plugin, you just have to write the command /rbc <text> - and your text will be transformed into a colorful message!

    - Write with colors in the chat
    - Define a repeating pattern, which colors your text
    - Ability to set your own pattern, not dependent on the "main" pattern (so every player can write with his own color pattern at the same time!)
    - Leet your text!
    - Permissions:

    • "rbc.chat": Permission needed to write with /rbc
    • "rbc.leet": Needed to write with /leet
    • "rbc.pattern": Allows you to set a pattern for the plugin
    • "rbc.help": Needed for the /rbhelp command
    • "myrbc.chat": Ability to write with your custom pattern
    • "myrbc.pattern": Change your own pattern


    - /rbhelp: Display some help ingame.
    - /rbc <text>: Write colorful!
    - /leet <text>: Replace letters with ASCII symbols!
    - /rbpattern <pattern>: Set a pattern, which will be used for the rainbow chat
    - /rbpattern reset: Resets the pattern to the (in my opinion) best pattern

    - /myrbc <text>: Write with your custom pattern, not with the "main" one
    - /myrbpattern <pattern>: Set your own pattern
    - /rbpattern reset: Reset your own pattern

    Additional Infos
    - If you've got NoCheatPlus, it may be the case that your players will need the permission "nocheatplus.checks.chat.color", that they can write colorful.
    - This plugin is so simple, it should even work with the alpha minecraft versions :p
    - If you want to support me, maybe consider checking out my other plugins, I would greatly appreciate it :):

    - Some screenshots:
    Default pattern.png
    This is the default pattern.

    repeating pattern.png
    Even though the pattern is only 11 characters long, it displays the whole text with colors

    changing pattern.png
    You can change the pattern easily ingame by writing /rbpattern <pattern>! The pattern consists of letters or numbers, these are the same as you may know them from any other plugin. Just leave the "&" out, you don't need this.

    text with new pattern.png
    This would be a message with the 426 pattern. To get this pattern, write "/rbpattern 426" in the chat ;).

    I hope you like this resource, feel free to rate!
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Recent Updates

  1. Improved code
  2. Individual per-player patterns!
  3. Leet-Option!

Recent Reviews

  1. PieCreeper12
    Version: 2.1
    A fun, little plugin that lets you type with rainbow letters and symbols. It does not offer much else though.
  2. Flyin
    Version: 2.1
    This is a great plugin to break up the boring default chat! Great job!
    1. ChaoZ
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  3. albertolarah
    Version: 2.1
    Very good joob!!
    1. ChaoZ
      Author's Response
      Nice to hear that you like it :)
  4. xbenas
    Version: 2.0
    Works wonderfully, like that you can give separate permissions for separate functions!
    1. ChaoZ
      Author's Response
      Nice to hear that you like it, thanks for the review :)
  5. apes
    Version: 1.2.1
    this is great, and a brilliant perk.
    one request - set pattern per player?
    1. ChaoZ
      Author's Response
      Could be done :).
      I'll add the option tomorrow!
  6. DatGuyAustin
    Version: 1.2.1
    Very nice plugin. I like the repeating. Good job
    1. ChaoZ
      Author's Response
      Thank you ;)
  7. Instantout
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome! Just Missing Some &k &m &l &o ^.^
    1. ChaoZ
      Author's Response
      No problem, I'll add it :)