Rammer 1.0.1

See the plugins amount of ram + technical information!

  1. Arjenpro
    Hello everyone.

    I created a new plugin that shows you the amount of RAM is free, used and the max amount of RAM. I also included a function so you can see the amount of players that are online. This is an easy plugin for seeing all the thing that you must see with just one command! :D

    - Amount of USED, FREE, MAX ram.
    - Amount of players online.
    - See the server ping.
    - Animal ticks.
    - Server version
    - Tell me!

    - /Ram - The base command of the plugin.

    - For the command /ram, you need OP or the permission "Rammer.check".

    Spoiler: See images.

    Friendly regards, Arjenpro.


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