Random Location 1.1

Allow to teleport yourself to a specific biome, with a simple GUI

  1. Gioelex
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    Hi, I'm Gioelex, and this plugin, as the name suggests, adds a command that allow you to teleport yourself to a specif biome, that you choose.

    • /rloc: this command opens the main GUI
    • /rloc reload: this command reload config file
    • rloc.use: give access to /rloc command
    • rloc.reload: give access to /rloc reload
    not_a_player: '&cSorry, only players can perform this command!'
    no_permission: '&cSorry, you don''t have permission!'
    gui_name: '&9Random Location'
    - '&eClick me to visit'
    - '&ethis biome'
    beach: '&2&l➢ &f&lBeach'
    desert: '&2&l➢ &f&lDesert'
    forest: '&2&l➢ &f&lForest'
    birch_forest: '&2&l➢ &f&lBirch Forest'
    savanna: '&2&l➢ &f&lSavanna'
    spruce_forest: '&2&l➢ &f&lSpruce Forest'
    mega_taiga: '&2&l➢ &f&lMega Taiga'
    jungle: '&2&l➢ &f&lJungle'
    dark_oak_forest: '&2&l➢ &f&lDark Oak Forest'
    flower_forest: '&2&l➢ &f&lFlower Forest'
    big_birch_forest: '&2&l➢ &f&lTall Birch Forest'
    arid_savanna: '&2&l➢ &f&lRocky Savanna'
    snowy_forest: '&2&l➢ &f&lSnowy Forest'
    montagne: '&2&l➢ &f&lExtreme Hills'
    compact_ice: '&2&l➢ &f&lPacked Ice'
    iced_river: '&2&l➢ &f&lIced River'
    snowy_plains: '&2&l➢ &f&lSnowny Plains'
    river: '&2&l➢ &f&lRiver'
    plains: '&2&l➢ &f&lPlains'
    mesa: '&2&l➢ &f&lMesa'
    mooshroom_island: '&2&l➢ &f&lMooshroom Island'
    swampland: '&2&l➢ &f&lSwampland'
    button_random_location: '&2&l➢ &f&lRandom Location'
    button_cancel: '&c&lCancel'
    world: 'world'


    By downloading/using this plugin you agree to the following terms:
    • You are not permitted to claim this plugin as your own.
    • You are not permitted to decompile the plugin.
    • You are not permitted to modify the code or the plugin and call it your own.
    • You are not permitted to redistributing this plugin.