Random Sticks 1.3

Some interesting sticks

  1. cpakata
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    Hello my friends
    In this plugin you can get some interesting sticks
    Such as:
    1) Healing Stick
    Instead of damaging your friends it heals them for 1 heart
    Also it can heal yourself 2 hearts by pressing right click

    2) Teleport Stick
    With that stick you can teleport on blocks by clicking on them with right click

    3) Explosion Stick
    That stick can explode some weak blocks like wood or dirt and e.t.c with right click


    4) ADMIN Stick
    If you're an op on server you can kick people from a server just by hitting them ;)
    Also you can change your gm by pressing right click
    There is no recipe for this stick, but you can get it by typing in chat this comand:
    /adminstick (works only if you are op)

    You can change cooldown, by typing in chat:
    /cooldown <cooldown(sec)>

    If you like that plugin, dont forget to leave a review and also you can leave your offers what i need to change in this plugin and what i need to add <3

Recent Reviews

  1. Zoobastik
    Version: 1.1
    The idea is good, but you can somehow implement so that the wand is not endless, I wanted to say that it has a limit, for example, 3 uses, and then it needs to be crafted again?
    1. cpakata
      Author's Response
      Ye,sure, i can do that