Random Teleport (wilderness) [1.14.4] - A MUST FOR FACTIONS AND SURVIVAL SERVERS 2.5.1

Very Useful for PvP/Factions and Survival Servers !

  1. Ullrimax
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Random Teleport 2.0
    This plugin is very useful for PvP/Factions, Survival, Freebuild & Hardcore Servers to teleport a player to a good place to start his adventure, or its just can be used to teleport a player to a selected biome to gather resources !


    Features :
    - Teleport the player to random coordinates
    - Permissions
    - Cancel teleporting on lands where player can't build ( You can toggle it )
    - You can set the teleportation area with a command
    - You can change the locale
    - Nether support
    - All protection/anti-grief plugins support
    - Custom cooldown
    - Multiple world support
    - Select the biome support

    Commands :
    /rtp; /wild; /wilderness
    to teleport the player to random coordinates
    /rtp [player] [world | this] <biome> to teleport a player to a specified world and a specified biome
    /rtp reload to reload the configuration file
    /rtp cooldown [time(seconds)] to set the teleportation cooldown
    /rtp delay [time(seconds)] to set the delay before teleportation
    /rtp set [size(Integer)] to set the teleporation area.
    /rtp tpprotection [true|false] to toggle if players can be teleported or not in protected lands. True means that players will never be teleported to protected areas.

    Permissions :
    - rtp.tp to use command /rtp
    - rtp.reload to use command /rtp reload
    - rtp.tp.others to teleport other players to selected world (and biome)
    - rtp.cooldown to set the teleportation cooldown
    - rtp.delay to set the teleportation delay
    - rtp.bypass to bypass the teleportation cooldown
    - rtp.tpprotection to toggle "protected areas protection"
    - rtp.worlds to be able to teleport to any world
    - rtp.world.[world] to be able to teleport to a specific world
    - rtp.biomes to be able to teleport to any biome (requires rtp.worlds or rtp.world.[world] )
    - rtp.biome.[biome] to be able to teleport to asked biome (requires rtp.worlds or rtp.world.[world] )
    - rtp.placesign to be able to place a RandomTeleport sign

    Sign tutorial :
    To place a teleportation sign you must follow this pattern :
    First line : [rtp]
    Second line : empty (or what you want but it's useless)
    Third line : the name of the world ( or empty, it will teleport to the actual world)
    Fourth line : empty (or what you want but it's useless)
    When a player right click on the sign, it will execute the command "/rtp" or "/rtp player world" if you set a world

    Biomes list :

    Config file :
    Code (Text):

    tpmessage: "&aYou were randomly teleported !"
    cantusemessage: "&cYou can't use that command for another $secondsLeft$ seconds!"
    cancelmessage: "&cTeleportation cancelled because you moved."
    permissionmessage: "&cYou are not allowed to do this."
    mustintegermessage: "&cThe value must be an integer !"
    setmessage: "&aThe RandomTeleport area has been set in a $value$ * $value$ square around you !"
    reloadmessage: "&7Configuration reloaded !"
    usagesetmessage: "&cUsage : /rtp set [Integer]"
    usagetpprotectionmessage: "&cUsage : /rtp tpprotection [True|False]"
    usagecooldownmessage: "&cUsage : /rtp cooldown [Integer]"
    usagedelaymessage: "&cUsage : /rtp delay [Integer]"
    cooldownsetmessage: "&aThe new teleportation cooldown has been set !"
    delaysetmessage: "&aThe new teleportation delay has been set !"
    delaystartmessage: "&aThe teleportation will start in $delay$ seconds. Don't move at all !"
    notonlinemessage: "&cError : That player isn't online !"
    doesntexistsmessage: "&cError : That world doesn't exists !"
    notfoundmessage: "&cError : Teleport location was not found."
    rtphelpmessage: "&c/rtp - /wild - /wilderness : &aTeleports in a random location"
    rtpothershelpmessage: "&c/rtp [player] [world] <biome> : &aTeleports someone into asked world."
    sethelpmessage: "&c/rtp set [size(Integer)] : &aSet the size of the teleportation area around you."
    cooldownhelpmessage: "&c/rtp cooldown [time(seconds)(integer)] : &aSet teleportation command cooldown."
    reloadhelpmessage: "&c/rtp reload : &aReloads the configuration file."
    tpprotectionhelpmessage: "&c/rtp tpprotection [True|False] : &aAllows players to be teleported in protected areas. If True, they will never be teleported into a protected area."
    delayhelpmessage: "&c/rtp delay [seconds] : &aSet the delay before teleporting the player."
    cooldown: 10
    delay: 60
    tpprotection: true


    Note : This plugin is compatible with all protection plugins like WorldGuard, Factions, GriefPrevention, etc...

    NB For NoCheatPlus users : You must set to false all block breaking protection in the configuration file of NCP, here is a screen to help you : (if you don't do this, players will be kicked if they use the command)

    If you have ideas on what to add on this plugin you can send me a private message, and if you find a bug, send me a pm too !

Recent Reviews

  1. Jinxmonsoon
    Version: 2.5.1
    how to disable world? such as Nether world end world etc?
  2. FendiTony777
    Version: 2.5.1
    It works correctly and it's fine. Only downside is that you have to disable some important checks if using NoCheatPlus.
  3. Iunus
    Version: 2.5.1
    Unfortunately this crashes my server. There seems to be some incompatibility with Towny.

    Before it crashes the player gets barrated with "[Towny] Not allowed to Destroy in the wild." messages. Apparently the random teleport needs to destroy something in a protected area, which Towny denies so often that the server crashes.

    Crash report: https://pastebin.com/sb6FNrtz

    Plugins used: dynmap, NoPlugins, WorldEdit, ColoredSigns, BetterBeds, PermissionsEx, RandomTeleport, LangUtils, Vault, Lores, Multiverse-Core, WorldGuard, ChestCommands, CommandBlocks, Essentials, GCore, Towny, MobArena, ShopChest, Multiverse-NetherPortals, CustomCommands, TownyChat, TownyNameUpdater, Dynmap-Towny
  4. Lethal888
    Version: 2.5.1
    Nice plugin! Compatible with 1.14.4
  5. KW2
    Version: 2.5.1
    Awesome plugin, easy to config and use, works perfectly on my 1.14.4 server, thanks !
  6. Fmohican
    Version: 2.5.1
    Work great thanks for being active and fix the problem.
    Thanks again for a nice and useful plugin!
  7. TheSaboteur99
    Version: 2.5
  8. eleggameplayer
    Version: 2.4.1
    I have been using this plugin for a while now. And every player that I've had has complained that it works badly. When you type /wild there is quite a big delay before it even says wait 5 seconds. But if you just turn the slightest you gotta wait the wait timer out before you can type it again. And you can't turn off tp protection

    I do not recommend.
    And everyone having issues with this plugin teleporting you to one place it because you configured it wrong it's not that hard..
    1. Ullrimax
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for your comment, this bug is now fixed.
  9. Lethal888
    Version: 2.4.1
    Plugin tp only to cords: x 0,5 z 0,5. Can u repair it? ?I will give 5 stars for it.
    1. Ullrimax
      Author's Response
      Hi, you just need to set the size of the teleporting area with the command /rtp set "size".
  10. MuSc1
    Version: 2.4.1
    The Plugin is fine, even on 1.13.2 but is there a possibility to add some more TP Areas?

    One is way to less. I think it would be much better to add more areas, where you can randomly teleported in one of this regions by clicking a sign.