Random Teleport (wilderness) [1.14.4] - A MUST FOR FACTIONS AND SURVIVAL SERVERS 2.5.1

Very Useful for PvP/Factions and Survival Servers !

  1. /rtp me [world] (for menu plugins)

    Added the possibility to replace [player] by "me" for the command "/rtp [player] [world] {biome}"
    You can now use for example : "/rtp me this" or "/rtp me world_nether"
  2. 1.14.4 Update and Bug Fixes !

    RandomTeleport is now updated to 1.14.4.
    Fixed a bug when teleportation was cancelled when just moving your eyes.
    Sign fixes.
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  3. right update

    right update
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  4. 1.13 update

    Sorry for the late update, I hope it will work for you in 1.13.2 because for me it's working
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  5. Sign Support added

    Sign support added, read in the description page of the plugin how to make a RTP Sign :)
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  6. World_the_End bug fix

    Fixed a bug that players were teleported into the void in the End world
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  7. Bug fix & Delay Update !

    -Fixed a bug that the cooldown didn't affect the command /rtp [player] [world]
    -Added a new command : /rtp delay [seconds]
    You can now set a delay before the teleportation, for current users you must add the new lines in the Config.yml file. You can check in the plugin description page, in the Config.yml spoiler the new lines you must add about the delay.

    Please tell me if you see any bug
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  8. Bug fix & improvement

  9. little bug fix

    little bug fix
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  10. Messages update !

    Now you can edit all the messages ! :)
    Command /rtp tpmessage removed
    Command /rtp protectionmessage removed
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