RandomCoords (RTP): Advanced Random Teleporter v0.6.2-RELEASE

Teleport Players To A Random Location. Truly Random, Highly Configurable/Compatible

  1. Nether Recode, Bug Fixes

    - The nether function should be immensely faster, and less resource intensive.

    - Fixed an issue where warps Y value was just the highest block, not the one that was set.
  2. OnJoin Version Fix

    - Fixed an issue when using the on join feature on older versions.
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  3. Bonus Chest Fixes (Hopefully)

    - Fixed odd block breaking
    - Fixed unnecessary double chest
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  4. BugFixes

    Should fix the chest bug. Nether bug may be fixed, but the cause is unknown.
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  5. Bonus Chest Overhaul

  6. Residence Support, Bug Fixes.

    - Added Support for Residence
    - Fixed Bonus Chest Odd Coordinates
    - Moved GriefPrevention support to new lag free system
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  7. Optimisation Awesomeness and Bug Fixes

    - Recode / Optimisation of the plugin safety checks
    - Fixed being teleported into block in the nether
    - Fixed "You Moved" message being displayed incorrectly
    - Other Code Optimisations

    For a long time now I have needed to change the way my plugin checks for claims such as factions. The old system was poorly optimised for a long checking radius. Below is a comparison of the speed and checks with just a 16 radius....
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  8. More Bug Fixes:

    New Features:
    - New SkyBlockSave setting, DefaultY sets the Y value to teleport players to in void worlds when using the SkyBlock Feature.

    - The blacklist can now contain Biomes. Case Sensitive, Write in exactly as seen here.

    Bug Fixes:
    - 1.8 Wand Issue
    - SkyBlock option not working in experimental mode.
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  9. Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed Bukkit compatibility issues.
    - Fixed Blacklist not working error
    - Fixed high Y coordinate, Sometimes causing death.

    Please note, I'm, looking into the reports of lag. It is a hard issue to cover as I'm not able to fix chunk loading lag. Portals on the other hand I'm looking into.
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  10. Radius Command

    Radius Command
    This command teleports all player (or even entities) to a single random location. This is mainly meant for admin use, and can be used in command blocks!

    • /RC radius {radiusInBlocks} {world} {max} {min} {-e} - Where {} = optional.
    -e = This will also teleport entities within this radius to the location.

    What is the radius?
    Please note that the radius is in blocks but is converted to chunks....
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