RandomeTeleport Alpha 1.2

Rtp, plugin for random teleportation

  1. Permissions, admin commands and more

    Hello , so i'm back with new update and the last one on the alpha phase , i have get a lot of dm's about permissions,world change , and more so i added a lot of things :
    - now you could reload the config file without reloading the whole server.
    - now you could change the world name , cooldown, on the config file.
    - commands :

    - rtp :
    permissions :
    - RandomTeleport.Admin
    if the admin who send the command isn't in a world that is registerd in the config file its will send the path for it.
    - btReload:
    - RandomTeleport.reloadConfig
    its will allow staff team to reload the config without restarting/reloading the server.
    +now you can't spawn in the water (90%)
    + now the range of the teleport is set to 2000 by default (you still can change it)

    and that it
    hope you like it , don't forget to dm me on discord if you find any bugs/feedbacks

    Thanks for your support <3
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