RandomGift ~ Christmas Version 1.0

Christmas Version Of RandomGift Plugin

  1. imLore
    Christmas Gift
    How To Use The Plugin :

    • You Must Turn Your Server Off

    • When You Turn It off Copy The (ChristmasGift.jar) To Your Plugins Folder

    • Then Start The Server
    How Use Plugin ~
    • Right Click on A Chest And You Will Get Gift :D
    [ I have Just Replaced The Emerald Block With Chest :p ]

    Permissions :
    • RandomGift.Use
    • RandomGift.Chest.Use

Recent Reviews

  1. MAG
    Version: 1.0
    why de.DarkShad0wQ8 plugin did not you?
    1. imLore
      Author's Response
      My Minecraft name is DarkShad0wQ8 ;D
  2. Th3Tr0LLeR
    Version: 1.0
    i like the plugin but you can make it randomly i mean not in second :)
    if they click the chest they ll open it but if they have luck thei ll receive a diamond or something like this
    1. imLore
      Author's Response
      i will make new plugin for this