RandomItemDrop v1.3.3

Dropped items give money to the picker. [100% configurable]

  1. Gerviba
    Compatible with 1.8.x, 1.7.x and other older versions!
    The plugin drops items to the configured coordinates and when the player picks up the item, he/she gets money. Recommend this plugin for SkyPVP, KitPVP, Prison or any SMP servers.


    /rid - Random Item Drop
    /rid reload - Reloads the configuration (for OPs only)
    /rid redrop - Drops the items again (for OPs only)

    How to configure?

    Put the jar file into the plugins folder and start your server. After it loaded, it will generate the config files and disable the plugin. You need to open the 'Lang.yml' in the 'plugins/RandomItemDrop' folder and set the values. After that, you should set the coordinates of the items in the 'ItemInfos.yml' at the same location. You will see something like that:

    - world, 0.5, 0.1, 0.5, GOLD_INGOT, 35.125
    - world, 0.5, 0.1, 0.5, #266, 35.125
    The parameters are:
    • The World's name
    • The X coordinate (Use .5 ending to align the item to the center of the coordinate.)
    • The Y coordinate
    • The Z coordinate (Same as X coordinates.)
    • The Material of the droped item OR # < id of the item >
    • The Money what the picker gets
    If you've finished, you can start your server and enjoy the plugin! Have fun!

    Planned features:

    • Advanced permission system
    • More action/item prize in pickup
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    Looking for the source?

    Here you are. (GitHub)

    Found a bug?

    Report it here!

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Recent Updates

  1. Chunkload error FIX
  2. Respawn BUG FIX
  3. Minor fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. Balint456
    Version: v1.3.3
    I like that plugin, but thats not updated :C, Jó kis plugin de nincs updatelve 1.14re ami nekem kellene.
  2. MinProSniper
    Version: v1.3.3
    Excelent Plugin! Works great for my server. By the way, in the lang.yml, what is the "TimerMinutes: 3"
  3. wknAngmar
    Version: v1.3.3
    Hi Gerviba!
    I use your plugin that I'm very content with but I came across a little inconvenience:
    There is an error message when the players pick up an item, save from this it runs well I just want to let you know as a developer.
    >> https://pastebin.com/dgD2ASnD
    And I'm missing a command: for example, /rid set <Item> <money>
  4. CrafyX
    Version: v1.3.3
    This is a perfect plugin!
    but I'm missing a command: for example, /rid set <Item> <money>
    it enters the data into the config.yml
  5. ferrinweb
    Version: 1.3.0
    I have tested it with 1.7.2, works perfect!
    1. Gerviba
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your feedback. :)