Randomizer [1.13.2 - 1.18.2] 3.1.0

Make yourself some challenge in survival!

  1. Cross-Version Support! 1.13.2 up to 1.18.2

    With this version, the randomizer gets updated to support the newest version, 1.18.2.
    Additionally, now, with one file, all versions from 1.13.2 up to 1.18.2 are supported officially!

    Keep in mind, problems must be reported on the GitHub Issue page
  2. 1.17+ Update!

    This update supports versions 1.17 and up!
    You will still get support for the 2.X updates.
  3. (superseded by newer version)

    This (2.1.0) is the last version to support Minecraft Versions < 1.17.
    For 1.17+ use 3.0.0 and up
  4. 1.17.1 compatibility update

    Updated dependencies, now confirmed working with 1.17.1
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  5. Update plugin internals

    This is not a feature update, just some internal changes.
  6. 2.0 Rewrite + 1.17 compatibility!

    Today is a big day.
    I have rewritten the entire plugin, now using Gradle, and compatible with 1.17. (New Blocks are supported as well)

    Also, the plugin is now open-source!
    You can find it on my github, the link is on the main page.

    This update is just a snapshot, and not everything is fully tested.
    If you encounter any issues, please post them under issues on the github page.

    Currently, no new features have been added, this is just a 1.17 compatibility release, but new features will come!...
  7. Added support for versions down to 1.13!

    Added support for versions 1.13-1.15
  8. 1.16 UPDATE!

    1.16 UPDATE!
    • Updated to version 1.16.X
    • Added the ability to stop the randomizer with /randomizer stop and restart it again with /randomizer start
    • Added the ability to check if the randomizer is currently activated with /randomizer check
    • Changed permission randomizer.randomize to randomizer.shuffle
    • Changed Command /randomizer to /randomizer shuffle
    • Added helplist by typing /randomizer...
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  9. Permissions Added!

    Now, the plugin got permissions! With the randomizer.randomize permission, you can now do /randomize, where the command still does the same thing.
  10. yml Savings + Removed Reload Dependency

    Hey, this is the update for version 1.1 of this Plugin!
    New Features:
    • Now, the block : item pairs are saved in a yml file on the server, so the pairs won't change even if you restart the server.
    • A new command /randomizer was added, now, if you execute this command, the random pairs will be regenerated, so you get a whole new experience!