RandomJoinLeave - Colors 1.16 1.04

Randomize your messages to make your server attractive

  1. Welcome the new ones

    New Additions:
    + Reload command: /bvn reload - Permission randomjl.reload
    + Addition of a /bvn [player] functionality to announce the welcome to the new ones ! - Permission randomjl.bvn
    More info in the plugin description

    /!\ The configuration file has been modified (see the new one below) :

    Code (YAML):

    # Time in minute to be able to say welcome to someone
    # 0 to deactivate
    : 1

    # Colors can be used with & or &#C395C3 for RBG color
    # Please put double ' for the apostrophes
    # %world% to retrieve the world where the player is located
    # %player% to retrieve the pseudo player
    # null to deactivate

     - '&#3987CC Welcome &#7449C2 %player%, &#3987CC I wish you a good game with us'
      - '&3 Hello to you young &6 %player%, &3 you just entered the best of Minecraft servers'
      - '&#69CC1A Entering these holy lands of sheep %player%, you agree to join our ranks of magical sheep'
     - '&d Greeting %player%, I welcome you, I hope you have a good time with us'
      - '&#ED4C2A What a Calumny! &#D9725C %player% didn''t even say hello !'
      - '&b Glory to the Mighty God of Bobfish, &9 %player%'
     - '&#5981B5 %player% &#ED4C2A was a good person .... But that was before he left ...'
      - '&8 %player% had something better to do ...'
      - '&#DD53A6 Say Bye Bye to &#90D430 %player% &#DD53A6 of &#90D430 %world% !'
      - '&7 %player% &f mysteriously disappeared, that it is strange ...'
    # Only for this section: %ofplayer% for the player who says welcome
     - '&#3987CC %ofplayer% &#7449C2 welcome you &#3987CC %player%'
      - '&3 It's with joy that &6 %ofplayer% &3 welcomes you !'
      - '&#69CC1A Be nice, greet %player% like %ofplayer% does'
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