RandomMOTDs 1.8

Formatted Random MOTDs from a list and player count setting!

  1. AgentleaderAlex
    Description - What is it?
    As the title suggests, it's a plugin that sets the server's MOTD when it is pinged. It's a quite simple plugin that's just plain epic!

    To install it, download the plugin from this page. Open up your plugins folder in your Bukkit/Spigot server (folder). Drag wherever you downloaded the plugin into there.

    The plugin is completely configured, and will support commands in the future. The plugin will have instructions within it and looks like this:
    Code (Text):
    # Legal counting:
    # true - grabs all players and counts them (more laggy).
    # false - keeps a number in memory and tracks player joins.

    # Warning, if it’s false, please refrain from reloading the server or this plugin.

    counting: false

    # You can split MOTDs using a %&%&.
    # A random motd will be selected of the below every time a client pings the server.
    # & sign colors are enabled and work!
    - Random MOTDs is awesome!
    - This server is the best, come join!
    - Split%&%&lines.

    # Maximum player count. This is just display, it’s not setting maximum player slots and how many players can actually join.
    max-count: 10

    # Ignoring the above field, this will set the display of maximum player slots to +1 more of the actual count of players.
    # true - +1.
    # false - normal.
    # Example: ( 10 / 11 ) or ( 23 / 24 ).
    max-illusion: true
    Source Code
    Click here to find the source code and contribute to the plugin.

    This plugin isn't much and relatively simple, I just felt like making it for the fun of me and for the enjoyment of others.