RandomPlayRP 2015-11-01

A plugin that provides many type of commands using /rp

  1. ClockN
    This is a plugin called RandomPlayRP, You can use various commands. You can check commands using /rp.

    What does it do?

    It sends notification when you mine diamond/gold/iron ore.

    It sends notification when you place a diamond block.

    It changes join message.

    Here are the commands

    It shows welcome back and welcome in huge letters.



    Thank you! enjoy using RandomPlayRP 2015-11-01_00.02.31.png 2015-11-01_00.02.59.png 2015-11-01_00.02.31.png 2015-11-01_00.02.59.png


    1. 2015-11-01_00.03.06.png
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    4. 2015-11-01_00.03.52.png
    5. 2015-11-01_00.04.00.png
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