RandomTeleport 1.1

Teleport to a random Location by Sign!

  1. JPM4tt
    How to use:


    Lines on the Sign:
    1) Needs to say '[Teleport]' (Case sensitive); this defines the sign as a RandomTeleporting Sign, preventing players without the permission to create the sign.
    2) The x coordinate range, in the format of '[x,(x coordinate 1),(x coordinate 2)]
    3) The z coordinate range, in the format of '[z,(z coordinate 1),(z coordinate 2)]


    The sign will turn out similar to this, if there is an error it will say in chat and what line on the sign has the error (it will probably be down to formatting or the capital T in Teleport). Please be carefull as the coordinates need to be in the order of x on line 1 and then z on line 2. The coordinates need to be integers.

    Once the sign has been right-clicked, a random integer between the two bounds set on the sign will be chosen. The Y value is the highest point where the player won't suffocate. He will be then teleported to said location.

    There is one line left on the sign for me to use, so I am open to ideas/suggestions on what to use; for example a kit to be teleported with etc.

    Factions support!
    The plugin will discard a location if its within a faction region

    Permission to create a sign: RandomTeleport.Admin

    This plugin requires no commands, no config and is very lightweight!

Recent Updates

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