RandomTeleporter 1.0

Teleports players to a random location!

  1. QueenOfOcelots
    Have you ever been on a factions server and dreaded the fact that you had to walk about 5k out to have a decent spot for your base? Do you now own a server and want to eliminate that hardship? Well, I have your solution: RandomTeleporter! RandomTeleporter is a plugin made by me where players run a simple command and are randomly teleported in a radius of 10,000 blocks! This can solve the problem of having to spend 30 minutes of your life walking out to make a base!

    None, all players have access to it!

    - /randomtp - Teleports you to a random location within 10,000 blocks!

    - Make the radius of blocks teleported customizable
    - Make the teleport message customizable
    - Add permissions? (Comment down below if I should add them)