RandomTP 1.3

Allows you to config what world the random tp takes you to

  1. Plugin Re-Code Coming Soon

    I am in the process of completely remaking the plugin, this is some of the initial ideas so far.

    Key Features:

    Re-loadable configs via In-game command (YAY)

    A new Gui Based system as well as the old one with two separate permission nodes, randomtp.simple and randomtp.complex, simple works much the same as the current system does however complex will allow players to choose what biome they would like to teleport to (currently from desert, plains and forest) what range they would like to be...
  2. Added Two new permission nodes!

    This update brings two new permission nodes,

    New Permission:
    - randomtp.nodelay
    - randomtp.nocooldown

    Pretty self explanatory but ill explain anyway.

    Any user with randomtp.nodelay automatically teleport the person as supposed to waiting the 5 seconds that is done by default

    Any user with randomtp.nocooldown will not have a cooldown to use /randomtp this means you can enable cooldowns for some players cooldowns and not for others. I will be working on an update to set the cooldown per...
  3. Teleport delay added

    New Features:
    This new update adds an option teleport delay, after running the command it will wait X seconds to teleport the player and if the player moves in that time the teleportation will be canceled. The delay can be disabled by setting "teleportDelay" in config to 0. If you already have the plugin add two lines to the config as follows:

    teleportDelay: 'delay'
    dontMove: 'message'

    delay can be any integer you want.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug caused by the last update that...
  4. Bug fixes

    Fixed a bug that rarely caused players to be teleported into water