RandomTP 1.1

Teleports you to a Random Location

  1. Raymart
    Description :

    RandomTP is a plugin that allows random teleports within user-defined categories. RandomTP supports multi-world and pre-loads chunks to stop players from falling into the void. The plugin is very minimalistic and only outputs messages when necessary. The plugin supports permissions and a number of advanced settings.

    Commands :


    Permissions :
    There are no Permissions included to this plugin



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  1. RandomTP Recoded

Recent Reviews

  1. LeZChap
    Version: 1.1
    The description is incorrect. There is no permission support, no chunk loading/pre-loading, very little of what it says it does, is actually included. It will teleport you to a random coordinate based on hard-coded values, but there is no multi-world support, no user-defined categories, no configuration, no advanced settings...absolutely NOTHING it says it does.
  2. Me_Goes_RAWR
    Version: 1.0
    Nice copied code....
    1. Raymart
      Author's Response
      yeah i'm just trying to learn at some code so i did it but ok i will delete this thanks for reviewing