RandomTPItem 1.2

Allows players to use a "RandomTP Item" to teleport to a random location!

  1. RandomTPItem - Version 1.2

    In this new version of RandomTPItem, I have added the ability to prevent players from being teleported into a faction's claimed land by a "RandomTP Item" (This includes Safezone and Warzone areas). I have tested this new feature out plently of times and have not been teleported into any claimed faction land (including Safezone and Warzone areas).

    Note: This feature requires that you use the latest versions of Factions and MassiveCore. However, there is a configurable option to enabled/disable the use of Factions/MassiveCore if you do not wish to use it on your server!

    I will update the resource page with the appropriate link to Factions/MassiveCore, update the features list, and update to the most-recent configuration.
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