RandomWarp 1.3

Randomly teleport in the world! Uber-Configurable!

  1. MeRPG
    Randomly teleport players in the world!


    • Easy to use!
    • Compatible with Factions, FactionsUUID, Spigot 1.7.x and Spigot 1.8.x!
    • Random warping designed to not hurt your players
      • Blacklist blocks you don't want players spawning on
    • Warmups and Cooldowns
    • Configurable messages
    • Economy support! (optional | Vault)
    • Configure warp ranges in circles or squares
    • Per-world warp configurations
    • Per-world permissions (optional)

    Code (Text):
    #Alias commands for /randomwarp.aliases:
    - wild

    #Weather or not the entire functionality of this plugin is enabledenabled: true#Worlds that can be warped inenabled-worlds:
    - world
    - world_nether

    #Permissions controlled per-world. Permission will be randomwarp.worlds.worldName.per-world-perm: false#Blocks that players won't spawn atop.blackisted-blocks:
    - LAVA
    - WATER
    - CACTUS
    - FIRE

    #Stops players from warping into a faction's landstop-faction-warp: false#Same as stop-faction-warp, but if you are using drtshock's FactionsUUID.stop-factionuuid-warp: false#When RandomWarp looks for a place to warp the player, it tries many different spots.#I recommend leaving these values as they are.#The larger the attempts per tick, the more lag a player's warping might cause.attempts-per-tick: 10
    #The larger the max iterations, the longer it COULD take.max-iterations: 10

    #Standard center of the warp rangecenter-x: 0
    center-z: 0

    #Weather the warp range is circle or square.#Circle if true, square if false.circle: true#Maximum warp radius.max-radius: 1000

    #Minimum warp radius.min-radius: 500

    #Cost of warping.cost: 50

    #Seconds of teleportation warmup. Use 0 for no warmup.warmup-seconds: 3

    #Seconds for cooldown of random warping. Set to -1 for one time use.cooldown-seconds: 60

    #Per-world settings. Overrides center-x, center-z, cost, max-radius, and/or min-radius. Whichever you define will be#overwritten, whatever you don't will use the standard.world-settings:
    center-x: 5000
    max-radius: 50
    min-radius: 20
    cost: 85

    Code (Text):

    #Message sent when the player doesn't have permission to execute a command.
    no-permission: "&cYou do not have permission to do that."

    #Message sent when the player is already looking for a warp location.
    already-looking-for-warp: "&cAlready looking for warp location."

    #Message sent when the player is already in the warp warmup.
    already-warping: "&cAlready warping you."

    #Message sent when RandomWarp isn't enabled.
    not-enabled: "&cRandomWarp is not enabled!"

    #Message sent when the world the player is in isn't enabled with RandomWarp.
    world-not-enabled: "&cRandomWarp is not enabled in this world."

    #Message sent when you must be a player to execute a command.
    must-be-player: "&cYou must be a player to perform this command!"

    #Message sent when a player executes the command and RandomWarp starts searching for a warp location.
    looking-for-warp: "&7Searching for a suitable place to warp you."

    #Message sent when a warp location is found for a player.
    found-warp-warmup: "&7Found a suitable location. Please wait [time]. You will be warped to [coordinates]."

    #Message sent when no warp location could be found.
    could-not-find-warp: "&cCould not find a suitable location. Try again?"

    #Message sent when your warp is cancelled due to movement.
    warp-failed-moved: "&cYou moved and your warp was cancelled!"

    #Message sent when your warp is cancelled due to damage.
    warp-failed-damage: "&cYou took damage and your warp was cancelled!"

    #Message sent when you warp.
    warping-now: "&7Warping you to [coordinates]. It cost you [cost]."

    #Message sent when you are still cooling down.
    cooling-down: "&cYou are still cooling down from your last warp. Wait [time]."

    #Message sent when you only get one use and you've already used it
    one-time-use: "&cYou already used this and you only get one use."

    #Message sent when properties are reloaded
    props-reload: "&aThe properties have been reloaded."

    #Message sent when a player cannot afford to warp
    cannot-afford: "&cYou cannot afford this. It costs [cost]."

    * randomwarp.* All permissions
    * randomwarp.worlds.<worldname> Permission to warp in a world. Per-world permissions only.
    * randomwarp.use Use RandomWarp. If per world is disabled, allows use in all worlds.
    * randomwarp.admin Reload the config.

    * Economy support - Requested by ImOffline
    *** Note: Support will be completely optional.

    *** Implemented

    * Optionally define locations to choose from - Requested by Gianlucax02
    *** Note: Support will be completely optional.

    I hope you enjoy RandomWarp!
    If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to comment here and I'll help you as soon as I can!

    Every programmer needs pizza to live. If you liked it, and can spare some change, feel free to buy me a pizza!
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    Version: 1.1.2
    u can add and option to create the warps and teleports to them or randomly
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    Version: 1.1
    Nice plugin for my GTM server but how about economy based warps
    1. MeRPG
      Author's Response
      I'll do it :)
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    Version: 1.1
    This plugin is a must for any faction server, I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a customize /wild plugin.
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    Amazing Plugin a must have for factions and is very configurable.

    Keep up the good work
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