RandomWarp 1.3

Randomly teleport in the world! Uber-Configurable!

  1. Bug fix

    Fixed bug reported by @Odin where the plugin fails when scanning empty space.
  2. Economy Support

    Added Economy support through Vault's API. Vault is NOT required unless you want to use the economy features.
    Either regen your config or check to see what is new in the config and lang sections of the overview.
    [cost] is now usable in some lang messages.
    Cost of warping is also controllable per-world.
  3. Cooldown Bug

    Cooldowns weren't actually saving between reloads. This is now fixed.
    It is not recommended to re-generate your configurations.
  4. v1.1, new features and bug fixes

    * Added [coordinates] lang variable
    * Added one time use configuration
    * Property reload command now has configurable message