Rank List 1.2

No longer do you have to suffer hearing players ask "What ranks do you have!?" with RankList!

  1. xexsync
    RankList was created because I was tired of players asking "what ranks are on this server". Not only on my server, but tons of others. I also created it because I thought it would be a great, simple first plugin to make. I am new to developing, and this is the first plugin I have successfully created (after hours of raging, many failed attempts, and multiple trips back to the spigot forums for help. So thank you to everyone who has answered my questions on the forums, in a friendly manner :D).

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me feedback on the plugin, as I have a few things in mind for future updates.

    *I realize there are a lot of these plugins out there that do the exact same thing. Some even more advanced. This was my first plugin, so I wanted to make something super simple, and easy to use.*

    /ranklist - displays custom messages set in the config.
    permissions: coming soon
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Recent Reviews

  1. Smith__
    Version: 1.2
    Nice plugin, exactly what I needed! I already had the rankup plugin but It wasn't with /ranks or /ranklist but this is what I needed! Thank you soo much for this plugin, it helps. Thanks.
  2. HYPExMon5ter
    Version: 1.1
    nice plugin, keep at it ;)
    1. xexsync
      Author's Response
      thanks bb
  3. JordyPwner
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin but simply use a Stringlist so people can make it how long they want to be it.


    for(String list : main.getConfig().getStringList("Message")){
    //send msg
    player.sendMessage(list.replaceAll("&", "ยง"));
    1. xexsync
      Author's Response
      I was planning on adding something like this in a later update! Thanks for the suggestion! again, very new to this so i started as simple as i could be xD