Rank Skript 1.1 1.1

Rank skript with LuckPerms permission support.

  1. SawyerJS
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Rank skript with LuckPerms permission support.

    - /rank help
    - /rank list
    - /rank create <rank> <prefix>
    - /rank create set <player> <rank>
    - /rank addperm <rank> <perm>
    - /rank delperm <rank> <perm>
    - /rank info <rank>

    /rank create admin &c[ADMIN] &c
    /rank set Steve admin
    /rank addperm admin chat.white

    - getRank(player)
    - getPrefix(player)

    You can customize many things about the skript in the skript's options! If you would like to have permission support you must install LuckPerms! When created the default rank do "/rank create default &7[Default] &7". If you notice I used &7 again after the &7[Default]. This is so there is a space in the prefix instead of just sending "&7[Default]Steve: Message" when the player chats. Once you have created the default rank just relog and you will have it! Or you can manually assign it to yourself with "/rank set Steve default" (Replace Steve with your username).

    If you have any questions contact me on Discord, @Sawy#6877
    - If you want to support me don't... or gift me a month of Discord Nitro because I don't have any other way to be supported :shrug:

    If you have any issues with the plugin just comment.

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