Rank Viewer v1.16

A plugin for displaying ranks as a hoverable prefix [R] before the users name

  1. EngineersBox
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    This plugin allows users to display ranks as a hoverable tag like this: [R] in order to see their respective ranks. It has integration with the discord API (DiscordSRV), ensuring there is no disruption with the messages sent to the discord server. Note that this requires the DiscordSRV plugin, which is automatically detected by RankViewer.

    The plugin supports users having multiple ranks, and can display them all in the hoverable tab. If you are using PermissionsEx the order in which they are listed matches that of the permissions.yml file. If you are using LuckPerms then the order is dictated by assigned order.

    Allows all colour codes and text changes such as italics, bold, obfuscation, etc. Currently only works with PermissionsEx and LuckPerms, however support of other rank plugins will be made available in future updates.

    If you have a suggestion for a feature to be added, drop a comment below and ill have a look into it

    The hoverable tab:

    The content of the tab:

    /rv - Displays Plugin Version Information
    /rv version - Displays Plugin Version Information
    /rv help - Displays Plugin Help Information
    /rv reload - Reloads The Plugin

    rv.use - allows the use of /rv
    rv.version - allows the use of /rv version
    rv.help - allows the use of /rv help
    rv.reload - allows the use of /rv reload (default: op)

    Configuration and Installation
    Drag and drop the most recent version of the plugin into your plugins folder. Restart or start the server, the config file will generate.

    The config file contains:
    Here you can specify:
    - The name of the default group
    - Whether to use only the name and not the prefix in the hoverable tab
    - The colour of any links sent in chat
    - Whether links have an underline or not
    - Tab colour and design format
    - Whether to use the main discord channel (DiscordSRV Dependency)
    - Specify an alternate discord channel (Use-Main-Discord-Channel must be true)(DiscordSRV Dependency)

    Planned Additions
    - Expanding compatibility to other permissions plugins
    - Configuring the display order of ranks (High to Low, Low to High, Perm File Order)
    - Hoverable tab [R] colour configuration [Added]
    - Configurable discord channel targets [Added]


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Recent Reviews

  1. ConfuseN
    Version: v1.12
    Amazing, tested on my test server w/ pex. Cant wait for luck perms integration, then I will definitely be using on my main server!
    1. EngineersBox
      Author's Response
      Your long awaited integration of LuckPerms is here!