RankGrant+ ~ Give Ranks Through An Awesome GUI (/grant) 3.5.2

Give ranks with a reason and duration, all in an awesome GUI! Includes a logging system and more!

  1. Demeng7215
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    IronFist2345, kangarko, PreciseKill, Creepso
    Languages Supported:
    Customizable in language file (language.yml).
    Dependencies:---------------------Vault, Permission Plugin Supporting Vault

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    Want to give ranks like a pro through awesome GUI's as seen in Skeppy's videos? Does your permission plugin not support temporary ranks? Want to prevent staff abuse and log grant information, such as the reason for the grant, in a log file? If yes, then RankGrant+ is the perfect plugin for you and your server.
    Easy-to-use GUI's: Should be obvious by now, but one of the biggest reasons why RankGrant+ is special is because you can grant ranks through nice little GUI's.
    Extremely customizable: RankGrant+ is almost 100% customizable. You can change the messages that the plugin sends, the items in the GUI, the ranks you want to display in the GUI, and much more!
    Temporary granting: Give players certain ranks for a custom duration- even if your permission plugin doesn't support temporary ranks!
    Logging system: RankGrant+ has a logging system which logs all grants. This can prevent staff abuse.
    Pick a reason: RankGrant+ makes sure that the person who is granting the rank selects a reason for the grant.
    Automatic detection or manual input of ranks: Let RankGrant+ automatically detect your server's ranks. Don't want to display all ranks? List out the ranks you DO want to display in configuration files!
    Permissions for ranks and reasons: Restrict certain ranks and reasons to only those who have a CUSTOM permission!
    Confirm your grants: Granting ranks can sometimes be dangerous. That's why we give the user time to confirm and review their grant and make sure everything is correct.
    Supports most permission plugins supporting Vault: You can use RankGrant+ with most plugins that support Vault: PermissionsEX, UltraPermissions, GroupManager, etc.
    Reload command: A reload command because no one likes to restart or reload their server due to config changes.
    Pre-configurated: RankGrant+ has been pre-configurated in a way so it works out for most servers. Most servers wouldn't even have to touch the configs.
    Great support, quick fixes, open to suggestions: Fast and friendly support, fast bug and error fixes, and features that will most likely be implemented as long as you suggest it!
    Open source: This plugin is open-sourced! Feel free to take a look at the source code.
    And more!

    Displays plugin information.
    Aliases: /rankgrantplus, /rankgrant, /rankappointplus, /rankappoint+, /rankappoint

    /rankgrant+ reload
    Reloads the configuration files.
    Permission: rankgrantplus.reload

    /grant <player>
    Opens the grant GUI.
    Aliases: /grantrank <player>, /appoint <player>, /appointrank <player>
    Permission: rankgrantplus.grant

    Showcase and Tutorial by @Pericrystals (Outdated):

    Servers Using RankGrant+:
    Starting Aug. 15, new servers will no longer be added here and existing servers will be removed on the 25th.





    SamCo Mods Network



    Nitro Factions

    Minetex Network



    End Central

    Ender Islands

    Contact me to be on this list!

    Configuration.yml: https://github.com/Demeng7215/RankGrantPlus/blob/master/src/main/resources/configuration.yml
    Language.yml: https://github.com/Demeng7215/RankGrantPlus/blob/master/src/main/resources/language.yml

    Need help? Have questions? Experiencing issues? Just want to talk?
    Please use one of the following support options:

    Join My Discord: https://demeng7215.com/discord
    Use the Discussions Section: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/352296/
    Private Message Me: @Demeng7215


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Recent Reviews

  1. MythicalPet
    Version: 3.5.2
    I have not used this plugin but was asking if this plugin could add ranks from a different plugin like I already got ranks set up in luckperms but could I make it so this plugin will grant ranks from luckperms instead of rankgrant+?
    1. Demeng7215
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, but please use one of the support methods next time.
      Yes, RankGrant+ automatically connects to LuckPerms and can pull your ranks from LP :)
  2. EfePro9
    Version: 3.5.2
    YOU ARE A GOD its the best rank plugin i have ever used thank you omgggggmggmgmggm
    1. Demeng7215
  3. wandhrees
    Version: 3.5.2
    Best granting plugins out there. I used this on a test server on the version 1.8.9, worked brilliantly. Had few issues, but they were quickly sorted out the awesome, lovely, helpful staff on the discord. I just put this plugin on my 1.14.4 server, GREAT! Automatically gets all groups from PEX, the ones that I set up before the implementation of RankGrantPlus. Literally, 0 effort needed, drag and drop into plugin folder. There is a little bit of config work if you'd like, but otherwise super efficient, light-weight, functioning plugin!
    Recommended to ALL server owners!
    1. Demeng7215
  4. MarreMartina
    Version: 3.5.2
    Best Plugin Ever! I had a problem with RankGrant+ and the Owner Responded in like 10 seconds on the discord server!
    1. Demeng7215
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)
  5. TJgamingOP9966
    Version: 3.5.2
    I installed the plugin about 5 times now on test servers and all it comes up with is " Unkown command. Type /help for help" I am running Spigot 1.8 and I need some help. I will vote 5 if someone give a solution!!!
    1. Demeng7215
      Author's Response
      I will give you solution if you read and follow support instructions!!
  6. Manolis
    Version: 3.5.2
    This plugin was a good idea that was executed very poorly. The author does not want to give support and the plugin sometimes stops working and sometimes it spams my console. A restart fixes both of that but I can't restart my server every 10 mins just for a plugin. If you use ultrapermissions and you select a time and the time select gui its always permanent. For example, I gave my friend admin rank for 5 mins and I checked his ranks using the ultra perms plugin and it said that it had it for permanent. If I add more ranks after installing the plugin the ranks are not added in a gui also I can't add more reasons although the author said I can. I requested support about why I can't add more reasons and why the plugin stops working. All they did is closing my ticket without giving a valid response. The author said it was for inactivity but I have a life, I can't always be online on discord. We have different timezones. The support team (expect the author) don't know anything about plugins when they can't solve a problem(95% chance that they can't solve it), they tell us(customers) to wait for the author. However what if somebody has a different timezone than the author? His ticket will be closed for "inactivity" also I have a suggestion for you, require a permission for giving each rank like rankgrantplus.grant.owner(rankgrant.grant.* for all the ranks) so a guy with the admin rank can't give hisself owner.
    1. Demeng7215
      Author's Response
      I appreciate you re-posting your review with more information, but I still don’t think you understand.
      Most of these issues are very quick fixes but you haven’t mentioned any of these in the ticket, the main thing you talked about in the ticket was not being able to add reasons, which you ignored our attempts to get your logs and configuration file.
      My staff are always ready to help, however they can’t do anything if you don’t provide us with the proper resources and files. They might refer your issue to me if there is an error involved because not everyone is able to read stack traces and understand Java. I will reply in a different timezone and give you time to respond, however your ticket was closed due to inactivity; see below.

      Your ticket was closed because it had been around 24 hours, you are online, and you did not tell us anything about waiting for you to finish something, so we closed it. If your issue was not resolved, it is not hard to open another ticket.

      Timers are handled within The plugin which is why it says Permanent in UltraPermissions.
      We can also help you set up permissions and make certain ranks restricted, however you never contacted us and the review section is not the place to ask for help as clearly stated.
      You can DM me if you want to discuss this further, but please stop deleting and reposting reviews because you are just going to get the same responses.
      Also please give me your Discord tag if you DM me, I would like to check the logs.
  7. Dimto
    Version: 3.5.2
    Very good author and plugin.

    Replies fast and understands your problem.

    Thank You!
    1. Demeng7215
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  8. KayanaqCGA
    Version: 3.5.2
    Great plugin. Looks good, snappy, and has a simple GUI. Would use again anytime.
    1. Demeng7215
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  9. robot7boy
    Version: 3.5.2
    I love the plugin a lot. I am planning on using it on my network.

    I would only have one request for the plugin, and that would be an option in the config to disable the duration page altogether. Another thing that would be nice is the ability for the plugin to remember the past users rank with LuckPerms so that it doesn't just get reset to the default rank (or whatever command is in the config)

    I don't see us using it on our network so I thought it would be a good idea to add in for others too.
    1. Demeng7215
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  10. 3rc
    Version: 3.5.2
    i cant open the interface in 1.14.4 spigot/bukkit. i should work, but minecraft doesnt even realise there is a plugin called rankgrant+... why doesnt it work?
    1. Demeng7215