RankManager [Skript] 3.5

a skripted version of plugins like PEX GroupManager and LuckPerms (without using other plugins!)

  1. SkriptingPanda
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    a fully skripted rank system for less lag on your server (less lag by removing plugins that u have to use for rank plugins like essentials, essentialschat, etc.)

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Recent Reviews

  1. JacobNightCore
    Version: 3.5
    How old are you dude? Being a dick and talking about different things doesn't make you sound/be smart. Just PLEASE be a normal developer and use if statements for permissions. Also a list variable is different from "a variable"

    UPDATE: Hello again, lemme reply to your questions!
    1.) You say you're actually smart, would you like to bet on that? You used variables instead of permission nodes or an sk-perm thingy.
    2.) You then say that you're a normal developer, which is not the case as if you look at your code, two permission messages just for one command....?
    3.) I don't know about this one, you're just trying to side-track me.
    1. SkriptingPanda
      Author's Response
      im trying to make it using 1 plugin, since you can easily do better than this with pex and a skripted chat manager, thats why im using variables
  2. Duelzz
    Version: 3.4
    responding to your other response, you're still using periods for variables instead of all variables being list variables LOL, also please use less list variables (the ones with ::*), you'll understand once you get better at skript. Just set {staffchat::%uuid of player%} to "staff", "dev" or whatever, don't use these random idiotic list variables., use {rank::%uuid of player%} at least instead of using the idiotic other variables, in GUIs, use (integers from 0 to [x]), don't use < and > ever, use [< and >] for commands. Once again, don't use this.
    1. SkriptingPanda
      Author's Response
      you're saying my code can be shrunk, and you said "use more list variables" then right after said "also please use less list variables"